30 January 2009

The Smart Family's Video Store

We all watch movies. Especially if you have kids. There's all the Dora and Diego and Disney movies we need in order to get a few minutes to ourselves. We can't possibly BUY all these movies (if you ARE buying all these movies - cut it out!) 

The Library will rent you these movies for the amazing low price of FREE. FREE DVDs. If there was a site you could go to to watch FREE DVDs would you go there? Yes? Good, because there is, it's your local library. 

I am sure every local library has different policies and procedures, but in my city it is very simple. Search the DVD you are looking for. Once you find it (and usually you will - they carry many varied titles - even new releases) put it on hold. Then the library branch of your choice will have it sent there, call you when it is in, you pick-it up and have it for a week. For free.

How do you save money on movies?

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