Recipe: Homemade Flatbread on the BBQ

By Ed

More from our 5-Minute dough file... Barbecued Bread?  That's wacky.

Nope.  It's delicious.  Salt and butter it like popcorn and watch it disappear so fast you'll wish you made more.  Go from Dough balls to finished product in under 20 minutes.  For the recipe, read on...


Flatbread on the BBQ


  • A batch of 5-Minute Dough (as many golf-ball sized pieces as you'd like slices of flatbread - See our Naan recipe for an idea)
  • Canola Oil
  • Cooking spray-oil (canola based if possible - high smoke point is good)
  • salt




1. Give your grill a quick shot of cooking spray and preheat it to around 400F.

2. Liberally oil (2-3 Tbsp) a large cookie sheet.  Press and shape the bread balls into bread ovals - the flatter the better.  Turn them as you press to coat both sides with oil.  Lay them out on the cookie sheet - ready to transfer to the grill.

3.  Carefully lift the dough-ovals onto the grill.  I say lift, but the better word is "flop".  (It is a flop of faith, but don't worry - if you preheated properly, all will be well.)  Spread the bread evenly around the grill.  Cover.

4.  After about 3-5 minutes, check for grill-lines with some tongs by gently lifting up a corner.  You will be surprised by how firm your bread has become.  Turn over and grill the other side for about the same length of time.

5. Remove to a tray.  While still warm, butter or give a shot with cooking spray and toss with a dash of salt.  (Garlic or onion powder would also probably be good.)  Serve.

Be ready to make more.  Your guests may demand it.  


Don't worry, it was pretty easy.



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