We're in "The Loop": Our Newest Gig!

Saturday, December 15

by Robin

We're thrilled to share this news with you!

Ed and I are now regular contributors to "The Loop".  It's the new site that's been created by Sympatico.  They approached us with the offer to write for them back in October and we've been buzzing with excitement (and a bit of anxiety) ever since.   (It was hard not to share the news with you, but we wanted to make sure we weren't part of an elaborate practical joke first.)


A big thanks goes to you for being regular readers and for your encouraging comments and emails.  We are like kids at Christmas when we get your messages (...our eyes light up, we go downstairs in our pyjamas, we tear paper - we really need to cut out some of these steps and just read the messages.) 

But seriously, when you take the time to read, we are encouraged to write. 

When you take the time to write, we feel like we're doing something meaningful and are inspired to do more. 

Links to our The Loop posts...

If these first four posts sound familiar to you, it's because you are one of our awesome regular readers.  Our first assignment was to rewrite a few "classic" Frugal Family Times posts for The Loop's new audience. 

1)  Free, Smart Apps for Kids

 2) How a 15 Minute Meal Plan Lightened Our Lives and Wallets

3)  Menu Planning: a fun craft to get you started

4) Save More and Fight Less with One Simple Rule

The site launched December 13th and along with the new look came our posts.  Soon you'll even see our cheesy grins with our posts, in case you just couldn't get enough of that.

Thank-you for reading and sharing in our adventure here on this little blog!  


We love hearing from you! If you have a moment, leaving a comment would make our day. (So sorry about the annoying word verification thing - we hate them too - but our spam was getting ridiculous!)

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