Craft Idea: DIY Snowflake Window Clings

Tuesday, January 22
by Robin

I don't know about you, but I never realized you could make your own window clings.  I thought they were made with exclusive technology only found in Roswell, New Mexico (or possibly Area 51).  Surely only alien beings held the secret to how these wondrous plastic creations could stick without being sticky!   Could a mere human family create such a marvel?  Could such works of art be made on a frugal budget?

Why, yes!  My good friend Lynette showed me how to make these awesome little snowflakes.  I knew this simple craft needed to be shared. 

Head over to The Loop where I shared the steps on how to create these fun little window cling beauties.  

Gotta love a craft that is easy for kids to do AND isn't kinda crappy looking.

Do you have an easy craft for kids that's also easy on the eyes?


  1. The link doesn't work! :(

  2. The link still doesn't work. I really wanted to try this one because the snowflakes are transparent. :-(


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