This year, DON'T make a budget...

Wednesday, January 16

by Robin

This year, don't make a budget.  

Huh? What kind of advice is that for a frugal blog to be giving? Isn't that what you thrifty folks are all about? Well, yes, and no. 

We've been approaching planning our spending in a new way for a few years now.  The idea is this: instead of making a budget, and carrying around all the baggage that word brings, why not try a new mindset and make a Spending Plan instead?  

That's what we wrote about recently on The Loop.  If making a budget hasn't worked for you in the past, maybe a fresh and positive mindset is the key to your motivation.


  1. I love this little twist. We've been on a budget ever since we moved into a new house last summer and put everything we have into a huge renovation project. I will definitely try shifting my thinking towards a spending plan though!

    1. It has helped us! (Still have to figure out how to fit cool jeans into my Spending Plan though - mine are tragicl - I had a great time poking around your blog, Kelly!)


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