How to Make Pizza on the Barbecue

By Ed

We make Our Homemade Pizza pretty much weekly.  For fun and frugality during the summer we like to cook our pizzas on the BBQ.  This way we can keep our house cooler (no hot oven means no extra AC required) plus it's a novel twist on an easy meal. I started doing this early in the summer during a heat wave and still toss it on whenever I want my pizza to have a bit of grill flavour. 

Much like my Grilled Flatbread, I've pretty much perfected my BBQ method.  Here's how to do it...

This recipe makes 2 small "Personal Size" pizzas.  Making small individual pizzas is great for kids who each want a different topping (or grown-ups, for that matter, say when one doesn't like mushrooms (Ed) and one loves them (Robin):


  • 2 tennis ball sized portions of premade 5 Minute Dough (find the recipe here)
  • tomato or pesto sauce
  • your favorite Pizza toppings
  • cooking spray
  • cookie sheet (preferably an older one - it will sit directly on the grill)



1.  Preheat BBQ to 400-425 F (for me, this means setting mine on high for about 5-10 minutes while I prepare the pizza)

2.  Spray cookie sheet with cooking spray.

3.  Place dough balls on the sheet, forming them each into pizza rounds with the heels of your hands.  Assemble your toppings on top.

4.  Turn your BBQ down to medium/low - you just want enough heat to maintain the temperature between 350 and 400F. 

5.  Open the lid just enough to slide the cookie sheet onto it. This is to keep most of that heat you've been building up in the BBQ.


6.  Leave it closed for at least 8 minutes. Check to make sure it isn't getting too hot or cold.

7.  When you do check, look for the sauce bubbling and the cheese starting to brown.  The crust does cook faster/more crispy when BBQ-ing, so I also lift the crust a bit to see if it is burning. If you see it getting brown, your pizza is done.

Cool a few minutes, transfer to plate, slice and serve!


What's your favourite meal on the BBQ?  

Do you have something unusual you cook outdoors in the summer?


  1. What a great idea! I bet you get a nice smokey flavor :)


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