Cheap & Easy Floor Makeover: Hickory Laminate Getting Laid in the Mobile Home

by Robin

This picture doesn't do this Before floor enough injustice.  It looked like a 70's disco queen who spent the next 40 years smoking many packs a day and never wearing sunscreen.  

It was tired, wrinkled, yellowed - with just enough gold glitter showing through to make you feel very, very sorry for her.  Her prime was long past.

And then there's THIS before picture.  

Three days after owning our vacation mobile home an unsuspecting Ed poked his toe in the soft floor next to the back door. Moments later we tore back the old carpet and pulled up handfuls - handfuls! - of floor. We could see the ground below. 

We then emptied our savings account into that hole.

Mother's Day weekend I got the gift I really wanted - we installed this floor.  

This rustic-looking, hickory-looking laminate was finally covering the hot mess that was the now repaired floor.  I say finally because we bought this flooring even before we got the keys to the place!

Mother's Day gift 2016: 
Child labour - those little hands are great at getting out old carpet staples!

This boy was slick with the crowbar.  

I wish I had taken photos of the kiddos using the chop saw - makes this momma proud.  A family that DIY's together stays together? 

There was no less than 6 different types of flooring in this 650 square foot place.  Six!  It made the place seem so much smaller than it needed to.  And aesthetically displeasing.  

Plus, each flooring brought it's own signature smell: mouse poop, incontinent dog, forgotten shoe... carpet microcosms are not for those with noses. 

Heart-eye emojii (with a sideways scowl emojii for the old lazy-boys - but their price was right: $0)
Blowing a kiss emojii goes to the Hudson Bay Blanket Inspired knit pillows I made last year.
If you love this floor too, and wonder where we got it - it's this one: 
Home Decorators Collection Autumn Hickory Laminate from Home Depot.
It was $1.78 per square foot when we bought it last year.  It has a built in underlay which meant there was no extra cost and it was really simple to install.
Laminate has come such a long way.  I'm glad to live in a world that has laminate this nice and this affordable.  Happy Mother's Day to me!

For more about our Mobile Home Makeover - and the story about why the heck we have one to begin with - Click here.


  1. Love it! Plus I laughed many times at your blog. The disco queen description is bang on for that old, sad floor!

  2. Cool! Thanks for the tutorial!

  3. What a great difference bw before and after! So cool!

  4. What the beautiful pictures! I love family take DIY together. The floor looks truly difference, so cool after redesign.

  5. that big dog will ruin it in no time


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