Making Stuff: Harry Potter Scarf Knitting Pattern

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by Robin

Our house is littered with wands (well, chopsticks really) so at the first threat of Dementors we can charm our Patronus.  We feel pretty safe.  Now my little wizards will be warm, too.  My Harry and Hermione are happy I've finally finished their Harry Potter (or more precisely, Gryffindor) scarves!

The scarves were inspired by these from the first couple movies:

Hermione, Ron and Harry in their Hogwarts' scarves

The only cost of these scarves was the yarn, which I bought on sale at Michael's Arts and Crafts.  Each scarf took a ball of red and yellow.  (It was Vanna White yarn, who knew she had so many skills?)  I estimate each scarf cost about $6 to make.  If you need to buy needles, your cost goes up, of course.

Instructions: Easy Knit Harry Potter Gryffindor Scarf...

1 ball red yarn
1 ball gold yarn
size 9 (3 3/4 mm) needles
crochet hook for tassels


Step 1:  Cast on 30 stitches in your first colour (doesn't matter which).

Step 2: Knit 8 rows.  (It's important that your rows are an even number or else your wrong side will show through on some rows and it will look super messy)

Step 3: Switch colours and knit 8 rows.

Step 4: Alternate colours until the scarf is the length you're looking for.  (I did 22 stripes.  If you are making it for an adult wizard, or even a squib, you'll need more stripes)

Step 5: Sew in your ends.  (This was the part I had the hardest time with.  I am still not happy with the results, so I won't even try to coach you in this step.  Mine looks lumpy and knotty in spots.)

Step 6: Make the tassels.  (I learned how using this video from ehow.com).  I wound the yarn around a passport cover to make it the right length.

Now, if I can only figure out how Professor McGonagall gets her Gryffindor's to keep their common room so tidy, ours is making me mental!

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