Making Stuff: Woopee! Michael's is open in my city! (and a great coupon source)

Saturday was my Making Stuff Super Bowl. Michael's is finally opened in my city! It used to be a 30 minute drive to the nearest store. Now, about 6. That's like getting free gasoline (ok - it isn't like that - but close - don't rain on my Super Bowl).

I am a Michael's Arts and Crafts superfan. My daughter was just as excited. If it weren't October in Canada we would have been camping outside the store to be the first inside. (The fact we didn't do this probably downgrades our fan status to just simply: smart fans). Michael's is great for arts and crafts supplies. I have also sourced most of my frames from there. The major reason for my fidelity: the Michael's coupon. Generally speaking, there is a "save 40 to 50% off" coupon most weeks. Each time we venture to the craft store I make a stop at my computer. Here's a great link for coupons, including Michaels: Flyerland.ca

Thankfully my son had a birthday party while we vistied Michael's. We stood in line for 40 minutes to pay for our stuff. He would not have tolerated that. Even if one of the items was a Woopee cushion (thanks to my cousin Alison for the tip!). I am pretty sure the neighborhood has now coined us the "Fart Family". The kids couldn't help setting off some doozies as we walked to a friends' house. And I couldn't help smiling (ok I busted a gut with laughter, I just wanted to sound a bit more sofisticated) at their huge belly laughs.

By the way: why do Woopee cushion packaging always say "poo" for the sound they make? If poo comes out when you sit on a Woopee cushion you've got big problems that just aren't funny.

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