Save 50% on Your Favourite Beauty Products!

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by Robin

I have champagne tastes on a home brew budget.  This is true for clothes, decor and beauty products.  I was so pleased when I figured out how to save 50% on my favourite beauty products.  For example, hair products, I prefer higher end brands.  Aveda, I love.  I have strange curly thin hair that behaves like a toddler; out of control most of the time, but pretty cute when in the mood to be.  I can't just buy the store brand, on special, with a coupon, like I would for any other consumable thing we bring in our home.

So, enough blah blah, how do I save 50% on high end hair products?  It's surprisingly simple: I use half as much.  I realized one day in the shower that I was using the same dollar size puddle of shampoo every time.  It was just what I had always done.  So, I experimented.  I cut back by half and watched the results.  And, using half the shampoo got my hair exactly as clean.

So don't rinse and repeat.  Use half.  Rinse...and reap the benefits.

How do you save money on beauty products?


  1. I do that as well, plus wash my hair less. It saves my colour from fading,I use less shampoo and products. The added bonus is because my hair is less dry (less washing) I can go longer between trims $$$$$


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