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love getting deals and comparison shopping.  For these reasons (and shopping in my jammies), I often shop online.  When I need to buy something, the web is the first place I go.  Once I've narrowed down the online store I am going to use, I always do a Coupon Code Search before I click "Buy now".  I generally find free shipping or 20 to 50% off this way.  Here's how:
Step 1: Do your research.  Find the best product at the best price (more on this key step in future posts).
Step 2: Double check with yourself, "Is this something I need or just something I want?  (This step alone has saved me hundreds at a time.)
Step 3: If you still plan to order the item, open a new window and google (yep, it has definitely achieved verb status):  the store name (e.g. Old Navy) and then type: "coupon code", or "promotional code" or sometimes just "code" gets results.
Step 4: Click around for a few moments and see if you find a current coupon code.  Many have expiry dates.
Step 5: In your "shopping cart" enter the codes you find until you hit on one that works.
Step 6: Laugh maniacally at your money saving genius.  Wah ha ha ha ha (that sort of thing).

What are your online shopping tips?

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