Does the Bank of Canada have money for you?

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by Robin

It will be a short post today.  I have a sick little boy who needs some mama time.  But, this short post has the potential to be great.  

This might be the day you find some money you never knew you had.  

The Bank of Canada may be holding some money with your name on it, literally.  

You see, they have a lot of unclaimed bank balances: 1.3 million to be approximate and they're worth about $433 million. The oldest dates back to 1900.  These balances could have been one of many things: a deposit account, bank draft, certified cheque, deposit receipt, money order, GIC, term deposit, credit card balance, or traveller's cheque.  

Some of this money may belong to you or someone you love.  Want to find out?

Here's how: follow this link for the Bank of Canada's site and use their search form for unclaimed bank balances.  

You only need to enter a person's name and province.  

  • There may be a bank account you opened and forgot about.  
  • There may be someone in your family who has passed away and had money in an account that no one knew about.  

I've tried lots of family names without success, but maybe you'll have better luck.  
(It's almost like that "free money" site you've been searching for!  Or is that just me?)   

Forward this to friends and family, so they can check their names!

If you have some success, will you come back and leave a comment?  We'd get a vicarious thrill from helping you.    

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