Faster than Delivery Homemade Pizza (with 5 minute dough)

by Ed

Sure, takeout pizza is pretty cheap, and very easy and isn't that the point?   With a batch of 5-minute bread dough and fresh (or frozen) ingredients you can have pizza cheaper and quicker than waiting for delivery.

Our kids enjoy eating anything more when they've had a hand in making it themselves.  (And, recently, our son is a bit whacked and likes his pizza with only pepperoni.  No cheese.  Just pepperoni.  Would a pizza joint even make that for us?)

Homemade pizza is fun and easy and I defy you to find a tastier crust that isn't loaded with fat.

Here's the How-to:

  • At least 1/4 batch of 5 minute Bread Dough (I use half a batch in this recipe).  Here's more info on the cookbook "Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes A Day".
  • 1 can of crushed tomatoes (A.K.A. Poor man's tomato sauce)
  • 1-2 cups of grated mozzarella cheese
  • other toppings you dig (we keep sliced pepperoni in our freezer to always be ready, but other meat and vegetable toppings work well in the from-freezer-to-pizza too)
  • other seasonings you like (we use mostly garlic and basil)

1.  Take out your 5-minute Bread from the fridge and score it with a wet serrated knife (if your dough is fresh and uncut like ours was).  One batch should make 4 pizzas (or loaves, or whatever).

2.  Dust the dough with flour.  And by dust, I mean snowstorm.  The 5-minute dough is a wet mix and will absorb a lot of what you throw at it.  You will appreciate the extra flour when you are flattening this sucker into a pizza crust.

3.  Toughest step.  Using floured hands, pull a hunk of dough out of your plastic container.  It will look crazy messy to start with.  Smooth it with both hands, tucking the messy bits underneath.  This is meant to be a quick step.  (The book authors call this the 'Gluten Cloak'.  I just call it it 'Tuck it into a ball as fast as you can before it starts sticking to your damn hands'.  They are just better with names than I am.)

4.  The bottom of your dough ball will look something like this after you finish the smooth-tuck step above.  Remember, this dough does not need kneading - there is no waiting in any of these steps.

5.  Plop the ball down on a semi-floured surface (it will be less sticky now) and begin stretching and flattening it into a pizza shape.  I have used rolling pins, the toss-in-the air thing and plain old fingers depending on what mood I am in.  When it reaches a decent shape (about 10-12 inches in diameter)... 

6.  ...transfer it to an spray-oiled and lightly cornstarched (or floured) pizza pan.  Continue forming it as needed.

7.  My final pizzas, ready for dressing.  Preaheat oven to 450F.  Pizza dough will rise a bit while oven heats, you chop toppings and grate cheese.

8.  Requisite shot of pizza toppings, ready to go.  We open a big can of crushed tomatoes and use less than half for two pizzas and sprinkle with your seasonings of choice.  The rest goes in the fridge until we make a pasta sauce, chili or something else tomato based.

9.  Completed pizzas.  Can you tell our daughter made the one on the left?  She believes that pizzas with flower formation toppings are just tastier.  Notice the 1/3rd with only sauce and pepperoni.  Now you can make your crazy kid requests at home and not have to worry about the delivery place messing it up (or questioning your parenting).

The other 5 minute bread recipe I will post needs a baking stone and a steam tray, but this one cooks just fine on the rack like normal pizza.

10. Bake at 450F for 15 mins (+/-) or until the cheese looks bubbly and golden.  

Serve with salad and cut fresh veggies.  Enjoy!

This recipe is one of the meals on our Meal Plan Master List.  Check it out here.

Here're links to the many ways we use this dough (We're always experimenting, so expect more to come): 
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  1. Love the bread,can't t wait to try this out!

  2. We love it at our house. Hope you'll let us know how it goes over at yours!

  3. We have pizza every Fri night,after trying this out it will be served this Fri.Mason loved making it,but still wouldn't eat it,more for me!Easily saves 20bucks a week!

  4. So glad it worked out for you. Thanks for letting know! Ed's got another bread post in the oven...

  5. I've been making this bread for a long time, but somehow never thought to use it for pizza dough. Duh! :) Could you direct me to the baking stone and steam tray version? I'd like to try that!

    1. I've kinda given up using the baking stone, as results have been pretty good with just the straight up pizza sheets, but here it is in a nutshell:
      Put a pizza or baking stone in the oven - let it preheat fully (this often takes 15-20 minutes longer than preheating an empty oven).
      While it preheats, put a metal brownie or pie tin on a lower rack and half-fill it with water.
      When the oven preheats fully, be careful when you open it, as there will be a wall of heat/steam that smacks you in the face.
      Place your pizza sheet on the stone (or, for the adventurous, use a wooden pizza peel to slide it directly onto the stone).
      Cook, as you normally would, using the browned, bubbly cheese as your benchmark for "done".

      Hope that helps,

  6. Your daughter did a pretty impressive job! Your tips regarding handling of the dough are on point as well. It's never easy at first, takes practice like anything else.


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