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by Robin

I am doing more and more baking these days. (Mostly, for school lunches, but a sizable proportion of it goes to Ed’s cookie binges.) I feel great about the baking I have done from this cookbook.  Through my work as a Registered Dietitian I stumbled across this great FREE cookbook.  It has a lot of family favourite baking recipes AND the recipes have been modified to consider health along with yumminess.  

The cookbook is available to download from Eat Right Ontario. It was developed so that school bake sales to could meet our provinces newly adopted school healthy eating policies. It's a great tool for that, but I was really impressed with how great this cookbook is for anyone.  You can download it by clicking on the cookbook image below:

The first recipe I made was the “Best Ever Chocolate Cookies”. I didn’t have white chocolate chips, so the picture looks even more chocolatey than the original. I don't know about your house, everyone here was aok with more chocolate. No one in our family has ever said, "this has way too much chocolate". Not. Even. Once.  The cookies were a smash hit.  And at 2 grams of fibre each, I am really pleased. The highest praise came at a playdate the other day.  My friend was over with her son. He is usually reluctant (to say the least) to try new foods. He saw them, actually asked for one and ate it quite happily!  This was pretty huge (and this post is dedicated to you Krista)!

Here’s a tip when trying new recipes with kids:  These cookies use some unusual ingredients, in particular, bran cereal. So I first made them covertly.  The kids were busy with something else (knowing them something Lego or Star Wars based).  I had them taste the cookies before they witnessed the ingredients.  It worked SO WELL.  They loved them.  Since that first time my son and I have made them again together and now bran cereal in cookies seems perfectly normal to him.

Let us know if you what you try from this cookbook!

Editor's Note: Yes, we have been posting a lot in the way of recipes lately.  If cooking and baking are not your thing - don't abandon our blog - we have other great ideas coming soon!


  1. Those were seriously yummy cookies.Mason and I will be making those soon.


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