Saving Money: Putting the Word Out

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Invariably, I am amazed at how well "Putting the Word Out" works for saving money.

Here's how it works:

Simply let the people around you know what you're looking for.  Usually, family, friends and friends-of-friends have stuff they'd like to get rid of.  Quite often, this is the stuff you're looking for, but they don't know it yet.  

And many times they are just happy to get the stuff out of their way.  I have had success with putting the word out on a number of fronts.

Here's an example: our backyard play fort. When my daughter was about two we knew that we wanted a play fort for her (and her brother who was on his way).

  • I priced them out new and they were several hundred dollars.  Way more than a family with a baby and maternity leave on the way.  
  • I priced them out on Kijiji.  There the prices were more reasonable: a couple hundred dollars.  More reasonable, but still too much, and the one's that were priced well were gone within a day or two.

So "I Put the Word Out".

I let friends, family and coworkers know what I was looking for.  Within a week we had a play fort!

My friend and colleague Jan was hoping to free up some space in her backyard and wanted the play fort to go.  She asked $40, as long as we picked it up.  I dickered a bit.  I got her up to $80.  I couldn't, in good conscience pay so little!

We've had other times Putting the Word Out has worked for us:

  • extra cupboards in our basement, 
  • children's clothes...
  • the list is too long to be interesting to you!  

I have found this works on social media, like Facebook, as well.  Try posting what you are looking for as your status update and you might just social network your way to finding it for a deal.

How has "Putting the Word Out" worked for you?

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