Making Stuff: Easy Reindeer Christmas Cookies

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by Robin

A short post for a busy season.  Every Christmas we make time to make cookies.  This year we've made more than usual.  We did something for the first time this year: we baked cookies to take to the kids' classes at school.  We have never done this before.  Partially because I am a bit of a scrooge about taking treats to school at the holidays.

I can be a bit curmudgeonly, I'll admit.  I usually say something like this, "There are already so many treats at Christmas (or insert Halloween, or Easter, or Valentines here) they don't need more.  What we really need is to take treats to school when there's nothing else going on, like dreary November or endless January.  That's when we need to share something special."

This year I didn't gripe about taking treats for the class and we actually made some.  I am glad we did.  We made these Easy Reindeer Cookies and we are all excited to take them to school tomorrow.

I found the link to this recipe at the Christmas Cookiepalooza Party link swap at a decorating blog I'm known to frequent, Centsational Girl.  This cookie caught my eye because it looked especially cute and easy.  (I was happy to find I'd stumbled upon another Canadian blogger's family tradition.)  The recipe for these Easy Reindeer Cookies come from a blog called, "Echoes of Laughter".  Here's her cookie photo that caught my eye:

Adorable, no?  Practice will probably make ours that perfect.  We had fun (with that little bit of frustration that cooking with kids, while trying to take photos, can only bring).  Here's what our baking fun looked like:

Yeah, they think they're funny.  (Notice our cookies above?  That's the size to make them if you want them to turn out huge and flat and more like polar bears with antlers.)

And here's the treats ready to go to school tomorrow.  I like how the dough squeezed out through the pretzels to look a bit like ears.

Like (sumo?) reindeer to the slaughter...

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  1. I think your cookies turned out great! The most important thing is that the kids were involved and that is so special! Thanks so much for visiting me Robin! Wishing you a wonderful New Year! Angie xo

  2. Thanks, Angie! I love how they turned out. Thanks so much for the idea and recipe. Happy New Year to you and yours! Robin


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