What Matters: A Resolution that Your Heart Needs

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by Robin

Happy New Year, to our treasured blog readers!

Everywhere I go the talk is of New Year's Resolutions.  (OK, just writing that made me laugh at myself.  I don't think I have been beyond walking distance of my house in about a week.  I am like a preschooler and only see my family and the other kids on our block.  The "everywhere I go" bit is online, where my digital friends live.)  Are you hearing a lot about resolutions, too?

I think my resolution is refreshing.  As a parent, spouse, employee, friend, volunteer and daughter I am continually immersed in tasks, goals and stuff I should do better.  My mind and body are busy enough.  I am not going to resolve something else for them to do.  I am resolving to do something my heart needs (and I am not talking about Omega-3 fatty acids, folks.) 

My resolution for 2012 is to have more fun. 

I think this is a resolution I can keep.  What resolution does your heart need?

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