Saving Money: Our $20 Winter Escape

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by Robin

This past weekend we took a short break from the winter weather.  For the most part, we love the snow.  But we were craving some green and some warmth.  We wanted to see some tropical plants and wildlife.  We wanted to do it on a budget.  $20 felt about right.

We charged our cameras.  Dug out our short sleeves.  Pulled on our parkas and drove to our local butterfly conservatory.  We had a great time.  The kids each had a camera and took photos of the birds, fish, turtles and, of course, butterflies there.

We breathed the earthy warm humid air.  We listened to the bubbling waterfalls and chirping birds.  We touched glossy green leaves and dry chrysalis.  It was a little sensory break from winter.  The only reminder that it was still winter was when we'd look up and see the snow piling up on the skylights overhead.

The kids enjoyed the trip.  They wore their Hawaiian shirts and took many photos.  They took the "tourist in your own town" thing very seriously.  Letting kids loose with a "grown-up" camera is a fun.   This post is filled with photos that they took.  (We narrowed our little shutterbugs' collection down by about 300.)   

Normally the admission to the butterfly conservatory is much more than $20 for a family.  But we snapped up a group coupon through Wag Jag.  It meant an admission of about half price!  Have you used any group coupons before?  We have a number of times and had really good experiences.  We find it a nice way to save some money and to try something new.   This particular Wag Jag is finished, but you can find other one's in your area by clicking here. (Our affiliate link)

If you don't have a butterfly conservatory near you, don't despair.  There's probably something comparable.  Here's a few ideas:
  • A garden centre with an indoor nursery (a visit without an admission charge!)
  • A Botanical Garden
  • A local zoo that has indoor exhibits

Does your family have a favourite winter escape?

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  1. My favourite "get away" is the Belgium Nursery Cactus Greenhouse. (located on highway between Guelph and Kitchener, Ontario). Everything is so beautiful, tropical, warm, bright. And there are lots of cute statues and garden ornaments around to catch the eye as well - like fake snakes, turtles and the like. An hour at Belgium and I am ready to face another few weeks of cold. :) And the best part: No coupons needed. Admission is Free.


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