Family Fun: Greeting Spring

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by Robin

Blame the crocus.  We had a most informative post planned for today.  It would have had incredibly useful tips.  There would have been a few laughs; it would have been rich with insights.  Your life would have been altered from the moment you read it.  Then, we saw the sunny crocuses blooming, reminding us of what matters: we welcomed back Spring and embraced her like an old friend.

We watched the first bee of the year gather his first nectar.

 The tire swing rolled out of hibernation to rejoin it's tree.  An outgrown bike was handed over the fence for the little boy next door to pedal.


Laundry met it's old friend, the line.  Bubbles were blown.   

The fruit trees and vines were pruned, with hopefulness for summer baskets of pears and apples and grapes.

A lemon meringue pie was made and left to cool outside.

The porch was decked out with it's furniture.  (And predictably, stretching out here with a book became the most pressing Spring task.)

We had a lovely day welcoming the warmth.  What ways are you greeting Spring?

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