Can You Be a Better Friend with Pinterest? (plus a Jalapeno Popper Recipe)

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by Robin

One of our favourite things to do on a Saturday night is to hang out with friends.   It's a low key and affordable way to enjoy an evening.

One night we were having friends over and had no idea what to serve for snacks.  Often we make our fresh bread or easy guacamole, but these particular friends had seen our old standbys many a time.  

We wanted something new, but we weren't sure what our friends would like really enjoy.

I didn't want to labour over a shrimp dish and find they hate seafood.  Or make something with lots of cilantro and learn they can't stand it.

I found myself lamenting: "If only there was a way to know what our friends would enjoy!  If this mythical entertaining device could supply me with the ingredient list and recipe, that would be a definite bonus." 

(That last bit was because we had left the planning and shopping to the last hour before our friends were due to arrive.  In our defense, this evening came together only an hour before that.)

Then I had an "aha!" moment: I would cyber stalk my friend (sort of).

A quick click to Pinterest led me to my friend's boards where I knew she had pinned lots of recipes, including the one we chose:

Bacon Jalapeno Poppers

Then a quick trip to the grocery store and we were all set.

They were incredibly easy and delicious.

This experience led me to wonder what other ways could I use Pinterest to be a good friend:

  • If friends are going through a tough time, I could bring them a meal that they've "pinned" as one they'd like to try.

  • If a friend's child has a birthday party and we aren't sure what sort of gift to bring, maybe their "pins" will suggest an idea.

  • If friends have had a new baby, maybe they've "pinned" something they'd like for the baby's room.

  • When a friend "pins" a craft that I'm also interested in making; we could make time to work on it together.

  • A friend that's having a bad day might be cheered up with a bouquet of flowers, especially when I've seen on Pinterest that she loves something I've got growing in the backyard (thoughtful and frugal!). 

Do you have ideas or ways to use Pinterest to be a better friend?  Please share below in the Comments!


  1. I was an awesome idea to make something I pinned, very thoughtful, and yummy!!

    1. The pleasure was all ours...thanks for the idea! ~ Robin


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