Saving Money: Where's the cheapest Gas, Buddy?

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 by Robin

What is up with these gas prices?!!?  We are creeping up toward $1.40/L around here!  (Am I dating myself that I remember filling up when gas was 40 cents a litre?  I think I was listening to Ace of Base and wearing a vest over my mock turtleneck.)  It feels like we are at the whim of big oil for what we must pay at the pump.  For the most part, yup, we are.  We have used a tool to help us save money on gas.  You may find it helpful to find the best prices for fuel anywhere in North America.  I often use this app (or site) when deciding whether to fill up at a station close to home or close to work.

This money saving site is: Gas Buddy It is a website and App dedicated to helping you locate the cheapest gas.  Here's some benefits:

  • It's free!
  • The App moves with you (provided you have web access) - it can use your gadget's GPS to locate where you are, and the gas prices of stations nearby.
  • If you join their "community of users" and report updated gas prices you can earn points towards prizes.  (We haven't done this part so far, but with prizes like $250 gas cards, we may just join in.)

How do you get the best price at the pumps?

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  1. Thanks for your sharing!!
    I’ll try. Hope that I could save my budget by using your mentioned app.


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