Super Vacuum Nozzle upgrade for Geek Pride Day!

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 By Ed

A popular new website around our house, ThinkGeek.com, has proclaimed Friday, May 25th, to be Geek Pride Day.  The popularity of this site hinges on the fact that it sells stuffed plush viruses and bacteria - something our kids ordered after seeing them on Finding Stuff Out.

There is nothing Frugal about ThinkGeek; it sells nothing that anyone needs to own (although the Frozen Han Solo ice cube tray comes close), but the idea of a Geek Pride day has brought me to a post about a totally awesome innovation I recently created.  So in the spirit of Geek Pride, I present to you: Vacuum Cleaner Nozzle v.2.0!

You need the following parts:

  • Plastic angle nozzle head adapter for vacuum hose
  • Small, elastic finger flashlight - available at most dollar stores (In the kids section, for some reason)
  • Someplace dark and dirty to test it.


  1. Stretch elastic gently to size of vacuum nozzle.
  2. Attach it over the nozzle.  If elastic breaks, tape could also work.  See Diagram below.
  3. Turn Light on and vacuum in High Definition.

Hey, I know.  I didn't invent penicillin.   I didn't actually invent either part of this contraption, and maybe didn't even invent the idea of combining them.  I do know that this helped when I was cleaning under the fridge and couldn't see if it was clean or not and didn't have enough room or hands to hold a flashlight.

Check out the action shots to see how much better my idea made vacuuming:


Amazing right?   Well, no.  But I thought it was pretty great at the time.  And the fridge is cleaner in the compressor and coil areas.  Which will make it run better.  Which will save energy.  Which is frugal. See how I connected the nonexistent dots there?

So happy Geek Pride day.  Go out there and take two great things and tape them together to make something more great.   How else would the Camera-Phone have been invented?

Now, with my dark-vacuuming problems solved, I only have one more question: What do I call this amazing invention?



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