Saving Money: Electricity Schedule Changes May 1st (for Ontario)

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by Robin

Does your province or state have Time-of-Use-Pricing for electricity?  Knowing the schedule that the rate changes can save you money.  For example, in our province (Ontario) we have 2 seasons for electricity rates and May 1st is the date we change to the summer schedule.  That's today!

For our Ontario readers: the schedule above lays it out all nice and tidy for you.   

The most important thing to remember now is 
weekdays from 11am to 5pm 
are the most expensive times to use electricity.  

The On-peak rate is almost double the Off-peak rate, so shifting your behaviour a bit can cut your bill significantly.

Here's a pretty enlightening Time-of-Use Rate breakdown by appliance:

I've shared this link before, but it's worth sharing again, it's 10 Smart Meter Lane.  You can get some more detail on appliances you use around your house and the times you use them.  (It applies best for our Ontario readers, of course.)

I'd like to know, does your province or state have Time-of-Use Electricity pricing?  Is your schedule similar?

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