Organizing: Simpler Outdoor Meals with a BBQ Fridge Shelf

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by Robin

 My kids love eating outdoors.  I usually love it too, but sometimes I am more than a little bit reluctant.  It can be a lot of trips in and out to haul everything for the meal.  And inevitably, just as I sit to enjoy my hard earned burger, there's something forgotten.  Maybe the relish, or the mustard.  Sometimes it's hot sauce.   After about four dozen trips I can eat my (cold) meal.

I've cut my dashes in and out for forgotten condiments way down by having a BBQ Fridge Shelf.  If your fridge is like mine and the shelves lift out, you can do the same.  

Our BBQ Fridge Shelf is one dedicated to the stuff needed for an outdoor meal.  In one trip we can find and carry out all that needed to top our bugers and dogs.  And then we just hang it back up in the fridge.

Here we store:
  • Relish (our homemade zucchini relish)
  • Mustard (regular and dijon)
  • Hot sauces
  • BBQ sauce
  • Garlic mayo

The only regular condiment that doesn't fit is ketchup.  Around our place ketchup is king and we buy it in a massive vat.  (And, to be honest, ketchup is never forgotten.  My kids would be more likely to notice if the ketchup missing from the table than if I were still in the house gathering up all the BBQ stuff.)


 Do you have a tip for making outdoor eating easier?


  1. We do the same but with a small plastic basket since our frig shelves don't lift out.
    My problem was when we were going to our cottage. Since we cook everything outside & burgers are a staple, I needed something to corral condiments so they weren't forgotten. Also, I needed something with holes for draining cooler water. After many visits to the dollar store (in fact, I kept checking periodically as new storage baskets were added to their inventory, until I found the perfect one. It holds them all, without any wasted space to spare, otherwise it would take up valuable cooler space. In our case, I use the tall refillable squeezie bottles so that they take of lest space & nest together better than in their original bottles.
    Another cooler tip (applies to canadians): I use the reusable vacuum seal bags from Home Hardware for items that I don't want to get wet in the cooler and to keep raw meat juices from contaminated the cooler water. The bags have an air-tight valve and come with a light weight hand pump. That way I can reseal and vacuum the bag while we're at the cottage. Just a couple of pumps- the air doesn't need to be completely removed, just enough so that I know that it's sealed watertight, and I can put it back into the cooler.

    1. Thanks for your contribution, cred! I haven't seen the bags from Home Hardware, but I will check them out. Packing for the cottage is an art form - sounds like you've got it figured out! :)

  2. "take of lest".... errr.... that should have been "take up less"

    1. Happens to me ALL the time. I wish there was an edit comment option. :) ~ Robin

  3. I've just been knocking about your blog and found this old post. And had a Doh! moment. We have these lift out bins in our fridge now and I still have our cooler basket, that we rarely use, still using prime real estate in our fridge. Time to use your method and remove our little basket.

    1. So glad to be of help! We need every square inch in the fridge, don't we, cred! :)


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