Saving Money: 3 Free, Smart, Safe Online Kids' Games

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by Robin

As a member of the Pong and Pac-man generation it blows my mind how many incredible, intelligent, internet games are available.  For free.  Blows. My. Mind.  When we were kids, games like these would take supercomputers that filled office towers and cost a gazillion dollars, give or take a bazillion or so.  (That and they required a time machine.)

Over the years we found a number of really fabulous online games that are more accessible than that.  We're pretty choosey.  They need to be:
  • Smart: our kids need to be learning something worthwhile along with the playing.  
  • Safe: if there is online interacting, we need to know our kids aren't being preyed on or manipulated.  Sadly, this can happen.
  • Free: no explanation required.


Here's our go-to list:

1.  PBS Kids

  • Electric Company and Wild Kratz get played often around our house.  But we've gone through Arthur, Super Why and Curious George phases.

2.  TVO Kids
  • We've been using this site for many years and it has grown along with our kids.  The site is in two parts: "Ages 2 to 5" and "Ages 11 and under".  The Tumbleweed games are hits in our house, especially Seed Ball.

3. Cool Math 4 Kids
  • Games that make math (more) fun.  They really do!  Our favourite so far is the lemonade stand.

Do you have go-to online games for your kids?  Please share!




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