Family Fun: A Memorable Family Vacation to the East Coast

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by Robin

Please excuse our silence on the blog.  We have spotty internet coverage.  It seems worse in windy weather.  Somehow the internet gets blown away from our cottage and we are left, blissfully, unconnected.  

Right now we're on vacation.  As in the past, we've rented a place off the beaten path in a beautiful part of the world.  Right now we have a view of the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast of Prince Edward Island.  So instead of writing about saving money or time, we are spending both and enjoying the fruits of our frugal labours.

So far we have...

Reconnected with family who have moved a bit closer (Upstate New York vs. San Francisco).  A year has changed their baby cousin into a busy toddler.  Auntie made play dough to enjoy together.

We've run up and down a path of wildflowers to the beach.

Flown the birthday boy's kite in the sunny sky over the red-sand beach.

Followed a man-made boardwalk path to nature-made parabolic sand dunes.

Poked around on the rocks in the Bay of Fundy. (...just long enough for the world's highest tide to move in and strand us.  We had to roll up our pant legs and carry the children to dry land.)

Took a whale watching tour.  Saw Minke and Fin whales.  Petted Sea Urchins.

Saw seals too.  They inspired us to spend a fair bit of our holiday in similar poses.  (Picture us as below, only holding books.  Seriously.  We even flop around looking for our next meal.  Sometimes we also roll off ledges or couches.)

We're glad you visited!  Please bear with our absence.  We'll be back with more frugal ideas.  We've got lots coming from our travels, including how to survive a 21 hour car trip (each way!) with kids without spending all your money or patience.

How are you enjoying your summer so far?

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