8 Smart Reasons to Line Dry Clothes... it's NOT just Saving Money

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By Ed

There's more to being frugal than just spending less money.  There are many examples of how the most frugal choice is also better on a number of other fronts.

Often frugal choices are:

Better for your health.  Frugal choices often involve more physical activity and less chemicals.

Better for the environment.  Frugal choices are usually less wasteful.

Better quality.  Frugal choices are not necessarily crappy stuff.  Especially not how we define frugal:
Being frugal means 
being wise with your money (and time) 
so that you get the best value.

Drying clothes on the line is a great example.  There are many benefits you may not have considered.


Why we love our clothesline:

1. Inexpensive.  

  • Once installed drying your clothes becomes almost free.  
  • Using 10 Smart Meter Lane we calculated the cost to dry a load of laundry using electricity.  Currently, in Ontario, it's about $0.30 a load at peak rates and $0.19 at off-peak rates.  We usually do 6 loads a week.  So our clothesline saves us $7.20 a month.  
  • Not heaps of cash, but we are also not putting wear and tear on our dryer so we can stretch it's life out longer for our use over the winter months.


2. Healthier. 
  • Though it won't replace a good workout, it is a bit of exercise to haul the heavy basket outside and hang all the clothes.   
  • The time in the fresh air is nice too.


3. Time wise.
  • Can be faster than an automatic dryer.  On hot days with a breeze a load will dry in under an hour.
  • Cut out Ironing!  Proper hanging of clothing on the line will reduce or remove your need to iron most clothes.


4. Clothes and sheets smell amazing. 


5. It looks charming.  
  • A backyard full of crisp white sheets or cute kids clothes billowing gently in the summer wind.  What could look nicer?  If you live in one of those places that ban clotheslines, get loud: call them out on social media and get that nonsense changed. 
  • Kids love running back and forth through the sheets on the line.  Once in a while we let them, but the rule is "no hands".  Generally speaking, their hair is pretty clean compared to their paint splattered, sandbox-ed hands.  When they've followed this rule we've had no rewashing needs.


6. Meditative. 
  • Robin finds the whole process of hanging and folding very relaxing and peaceful.  (Seriously, she told me that.)


7. Better for the environment.
  • Electricity isn't going to get cheaper or more abundant any time soon.  Making small choices like this help your budget and the environment and really add up in the long haul. 
  • Also, automatic dryers will heat up your home even more on a hot day.  That means less comfort and more air conditioning.  Boo.  (If you're looking for more ways to cut down your AC bills - we've got you covered here.)

8. Better for your clothes.
  • Automatic dryers cause greater wear and tear on your clothes.  
  • You can even brighten whites with your clothesline using the sun as a natural bleach.  (A squirt of lemon juice will help too.)

Are you convinced?  You can find a Clothesline kit at any hardware store (it usually costs about $40), do your laundry and get that Outdoor Fresh scent for Real.

 Anyone else love their Line Dry?  Have you got reasons we missed?


  1. I LOVE my clothes line!!! I even hang my clothes in the winter.... inside though. Haha.

    1. Good for you, Jessica! I hang a rack full with every load in winter and put the rest in the dryer. I don’t have the space to hang it all. :( We do the best we can tho! :)


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