The Best Time to Plant a Tree...

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by Robin

Fall is a great time to plant trees.

The weather is usually pretty accommodating to their needs.  The autumn sun isn't scorching and the frequent rains help them root into their new homes.  You can also find great deals on trees as winter approaches.  Garden centres offer really good sales right now.  Often you can pick up trees at 50% off.  By waiting for these sales you can buy a more mature tree for your money.

Ask any 3rd grader and you'll get a long list of the great things trees do for us.  They give us shade, fruit, homes for animals and birds and clean our air.   I'm sure there 67 more, but I won't bore you.

There are financial benefits to planting trees as well:
  • If your home is well shaded, your home will be cooler in summer and you'll save on air conditioning costs.  
  • In winter trees provide a wind break from cold winds, which can reduce the cost to heat your home.  
  • Also, well-placed trees can increase your property values.  People are drawn to houses with mature trees.

At our place, we have another reason we plant trees on our property.  We have planted trees to honour relationships in a living way.  Our trees hold memories...

Our Copper Beech:

Our Copper Beech tree lives in our backyard.  This tree symbolizes brotherly love.

Eight years ago Ed was best man for his brother's wedding, a fitting role; they've been best friends their whole lives.  To honour Ed's support, his brother gave him this beautiful tree.  Every year it gives us more shade with it's sturdy branches and is a permanent reminder of the strength of their relationship.

Our Robin Hill Serviceberry:

For us, this tree symbolizes motherhood.

It was given to me by Ed and our daughter the year that I became a mother. By no coincidence, it shares my name.  In the spring it has pretty soft pink flowers, berries in the summer and in the fall it has vibrant red leaves.

Our Standard Burning Bush:

This tree we planted last weekend.  It is a tree of remembrance.

Two years ago we lost our miraculous calico cat, Maggie.  Five years before her death she was given 6 months to live.  She had an enlarged heart, which was appropriate.  This cat had a huge heart.  She had moxy.  She stayed with us so much longer than was expected and we had more laughter in our lives as a result.

Maggie watching over our firstborn.

When she died it was upsetting for our whole family and it was only recently that we felt ready to bury her ashes.  We knew we'd place a special tree above her.  We all joined in digging the hole and sprinkling her ashes and planting the tree that we now refer to as "Maggie's tree".

Just yesterday our son quietly moved a garden stone with the word "love" on it under this tree.   A touching remembrance of the kitty he grew up loving.

Have you planted a tree to honour a relationship?  Who were you honouring?


  1. At the bottom of today's post, I innocently clicked on a "you might also like:" link that led me to this post.

    I am sitting here with tears welling up... while I was expecting some practical advice on tree planting. What a lovely post!

    1. Thank-you, Cred. I Have a soft spot for this post, too. I guess we really are tree huggers. :)


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