Hosting a Super Bowl Party on a Budget

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by Ed

With apologies to the various Awards Shows and series/season finales, the biggest “must see it live” TV event of the year is the Super Bowl. Hosting a Super Bowl party, outside of having to work the next day, is pretty fun and it can be Frugal too.

Here are some ideas to set the stage for the big day in your house.

  • Canadians: CTV will be both streaming the game online and broadcasting it in High Definition - free - over-the-air. If you don’t have an HD cable package, check your local listings and try an antenna (seriously). Most Canadians live close enough to a CTV broadcast source to pick up the HD signal with an indoor antenna.

  • Have a couple screens showing the game. If you don’t have a giant TV, have a laptop or smaller TV showing the game in a different room/location. This will make your house seem like a sports bar - you know those ones where you are inundated with screens and can’t think straight. (Robin loves those places. 🙄) It will also mean guests can sit in other locations or go get a drink without missing the action.

  • Stock up on junk food. Even if you haven’t caved on your New Year’s resolutions, some (meaning - all) of your guests likely will have. Besides, everyone will be expecting munchies. From a frugal point of view, Super Bowl Sunday is, well, the Super Bowl of junk food sales, so expect to find lots of sales leading up to game day. Don’t just look at the usual pop-and-chips; the pre-made veggie and fruit trays can often be had for good deals too.

  • Hit up Pinterest or your favourite Food idea source for a single, show-stopping centerpiece food idea. There are whole boards dedicated to Football field shaped dips/party ideas and one great one will be better (and cheaper) than you running around cooking up 4 different dishes that you think you should have.

  • Make things Interesting... As Lisa Simpson pointed out (with Homer's expert parenting), "Gambling makes a good thing even better". I’m not talking Vegas and police-kicking-your-door-in-illegal stuff here, just a little Loonie or Toonie pool to keep things interesting. There are many websites on how to run pools, but the best one we ever tried is our Super Bowl Fish Bowl game- we update this post with a fresh game every year - it is easy to set-up, requires no football knowledge and lets you watch for everything from touchdowns to TV commercials.

  • Invite some friends and have fun. The game doesn't start till the late afternoon, so fill some of the lead-up with some snow football in the backyard, a card game or two or a Madden tournament featuring the teams set to play. Be sure to have options that everyone can enjoy, for example: a punt/pass/kick contest pairs nicely with Super-Fan costume contest.

I hope some or all of these ideas give you some inspiration; we are in the dull, holiday-less mid-winter and any excuse to get together and celebrate needs to be seized. Whether or not you like football, the Super Bowl can be a fun (and frugal) reason to party.

Are you planning a Super Bowl event?

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