Saving Money by Making Do (or, why it's 8:A~backwards~6 o'clock at our place)

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by Robin

It's "8:A~backwards~6 o'clock" again at our place. 

At least it is according to our oven clock.  Our stove has a novel approach to time measurement.  (I shudder a bit when it's backwards 6:66 o'clock.  While meaningless, it just seems like I could be in a low-budget horror movie and  I should be on my guard.)

The oven's timer, hasn't worked in a year, and as you can see in the photo above, the buttons are cracked and ugly.  Our oven is also rather approximate with the temperature that it heats up to.  It can be anywhere from 50 to 150F off the mark.  It gives an unexpected element to baking I would not recommend to anyone.

So why share this with you?  Is this the worst Kijiji ad ever, or something? 

The reason I'm chatting about our decrepit oven is to talk about a great saving money tactic:


Making Do.  

When we have our eye on the prize to meet our financial goals, we often have to make do.

And that's OK.  It's not something to be ashamed of.  It's smart.  If we replace the things we own with new and shiny things all the time, we are moving ourselves further away from our goals.  

Unless your goal - what really matters to you - is to own lots of new and shiny things.  Is that yours?

So we are making do with our old oven.  The timer doesn't work, so we bought a small $7 digital timer.  The oven thermostat lies, so we bought a $5 oven thermometer that sits in the oven and tells us the true temperature.  For $12 we aren't adding another debt to our lives.

Is there something in your home you're "making do" with?  Good on ya!


  1. We make do with:

    - a car with a faded hood (we're not car people, and we honestly don't care)
    - a tiny fridge/freezer
    - several small house problems that we would have to spend a lot of $$ to fix

    We have other goals and they all work fine!

    1. Yeah! Way to go, Whitney! That's how we reach our goals. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. We have a similar stove (the display/buttons look similar) and our display is very dim- I can barely read it when it's sunny. But we make do, too, especially since it works perfectly otherwise. Also, it was free from my sister when she upgraded her stove and we could replace our old 'almond' stove that we were making do with.

    One of the best budgeting tips out there- learning to make do.

    1. Our oven came with the house. Slowly all those appliances have died on us, but the oven and dryer are hanging on. Thanks for sharing, cred!

  3. Too many things to list! For several years I had a stove with a wonky temperature as well--and did the same fix! It made timing meals an adventure, that's for sure. :-)

    1. I'm thinking of having a repair man come in to fix it. Looked up how to repair it on YouTube. A bit more than I feel comfortable with (ie potential house fire?). It would be worth it to fix though. Making meals can be stressful enough with this! Thanks for commenting, Rita!

  4. Our toaster should hold four slices of bread, but two of the spots don't work anymore. We also have to bang our keurig to make it work. We are making do! We could replace them, but prefer to not. I also feel it is wasteful to throw something out that technically still works!


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