Our Menu Plan: April 21st to 27th

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by Robin

What's on our Menu this week:

This week's Lunch Box Baking:
Today will be fun!  I'm getting the kids to bake their own cookies - start to finish (with heaps of supervision).  They will be excited/nervous to do this, but that's what makes it great.  I'm setting them up for success by simply tweaking a store bought cookie mix and they'll get to pick how they adapt it.


A surprisingly sunny day!  BBQ hamburgers, salad and a mess of leftovers

Dinner Out - look out Ikea - here we come!  (I've got ideas to hack some sort of cupboard with drawers into a window seat for my daughter's room.)

Our Fish Stick Hack with peas and mashed potatoes (we're making extra mashed potatoes for a "Planned Over" meal later in the week)


"Sauce Chicken" (aka Chicken Stew with Curry Sauce)  served with cous cous

Shepherd's Pie (with "Planned Over" Potatoes from earlier in the week and LGB helper)


On the BBQ: Simple Marinated Pork Chops with noodles and Roasted Parmesan Cauliflower

Dinner at Friends!  Yay - love doing this!  I'm still dreaming up ideas of what to bring - maybe some of our fresh 5 Minute Bread bread?  Maybe Best Brownies Ever

I'll be linking up to Menu Plan Monday at OrgJunkie.com.  Check out this weekly link-up for many, many more menu plan ideas!

What's on your Menu Plan for the week?


  1. The marinated pork chops are something I'll have to try in the near future! :) New fan via MPM!

    1. Welcome, Kim! It looks like you've got some great recipes at your site too. Let me know how the pork chop recipe works out for you - we love how simple and freezer friendly it is. :)

  2. Did you trademark "planned overs"?

    1. Nope! Anyone is free to use the term. Glad you think it's worth trademarking - I think it's a great term, too. :)


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