Saving Money Tip: Why Buy Postage Stamps? You Can Make Your Own!

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April Fools!

Making your own stamps would probably lead to 
you making license plates... 

Does anyone else remember that line: "Why buy postage stamps?  We can make our own!"?

It's something Robin sings off and on from back in her high school punk rock days.  The line is from a Dead Milkmen song she used to listen to on her Walkman.  A guy from cadets made her a copy on a tape.  Yeah, she's always been walking that line between cool and dork.

Just a little frugal humour for ya! 

Did you play any good April Fool's jokes today?  Or have any played on you?


  1. I put a rubber snake in the fridge and tied it to the door with some fishing line. When my wife opens the fridge tonight - snake attack.

  2. Was Robin really a nerd in her high school days?

    Another anonymous for her chance at revenge!

    1. Well I guess that depends on your definition of nerd? Is a nerd a girl who loved: Star Trek NG, played flute in a marching band, was a sea cadet, on the honor roll and had no boyfriend? Yup, I was actually super cool. :)


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