May the Fourth Be With You. Simple Ideas for Family Fun.

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by Robin

For a family of Star Wars nerds it surprises me that we haven't celebrated this momentous day before:  May the Fourth Be With You!  I love building traditions into our day to day lives and this day feels like a perfect fit for us.

I plan to surprise the kids with some fun and frugal ideas for a May the Fourth celebration.

Here's the simple, low-prep ideas...


I think we'll wear our Star Wars gear.  The photo above is of the kiddos in their homemade, super cheap Star Wars costumes.  They are Luke and Leia (I am explaining in case we have some Old Order Amish or cave-dwelling readers - hehe).

I love making costumes.  It's cheap and fun and they don't have to be made very well - they just need to hold up for one night and then any extra wearings are bonus.  Costumes are a great intro to sewing project, if you've not done much before.

Both of these were made in the days prior to our blog, so apologies for no step-by-step instructions:
  • I made my daughter's Leia wig from a piece of polar fleece.  It was so simple and cost less than $5. (Should I post a tutorial?)
  • Her dress was from leftover curtain lining fabric from an old project.  Basically just 4 rectangles: two sewn into tubes for sleeves and two rectangles for the dress.  Her belt is one of those ugly ones that come free with new jeans.  (Have you ever gotten one of those that wasn't hideous?)
  • My son's costume is even more simple.  Basically, I took an old white button up shirt.  I cut off the collar and the buttons and trimmed the edges into a V neck.  It's held shut with an old belt of my dads.  (He needed no wig.  He said with pride, "I already have yellow hair like Luke".  And when I cut his hair he insists that it be long and shaggy like his Tattoine hero.)

Our Star Wars Meal

 Before I remembered that this was a special day I had planned to make French Toast with Peach Sauce for supper.  I was disappointed that it wouldn't fit with the theme, but I wasn't ready to scrap the plan; the day-old bread we're using would be day-mold pretty soon.  Just this minute an idea popped into my head: "Use the sandwich cutters, I must".

I'll make the same old supper, but cut the slices into Star Wars shapes!

Our son was given these awesome Star Wars sandwich cutters from his Auntie and Unkie for his birthday last year:

I think we'll make a batch of Wookie Cookies together.  It's a recipe from the Star Wars Cookbook by Robin Davis.

My son got this fun cookbook (also from his Auntie and Unkie for Christmas) and so far this recipe has been the favourite.

We'll keep this simple too.  Probably watch one of the movies and make some new Star Wars Lego kits (with our same old Lego).

I'll also print some of these cute, free worksheets from Homeschool Creations:

And to our readers: May the Fourth Be With YOU!  (Are you planning to celebrate too?)


This post was originally published May 2012.

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