Growing Vegetables in our Driveway: Part 4 - A Mid-Summer Night's Update

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By Ed


Alright, I know what you've been thinking - "No updates on that wacko driveway garden must mean it has blown up in their faces" - right? Well, kinda.  It has blown up, but not in the way you may be thinking.

Check it out!

Total vegetable (and technically fruit too) explosion.

Read on to find out why we haven't updated lately (and how our garden grows)...

Well, first off, our summer has been pretty hopping so far: a long road trip to my brother's new place, visits from friends and family, our son's birthday party and a few a other yard projects.

Oh, and a puppy. Yeah that.

So updated garden posts haven't been a top priority. But let's review why that is awesome:

  • With all that stuff going on, we haven't NEEDED to do any gardening. The weather has definitely cooperated with some rain every other day and lots of sun too. But no weeding or watering! Wicked good.

  • Our Driveway Garden is non-puppy accessible. We love vegetable gardens and we love dogs, but having the two in the same yard space is a recipe for high blood pressure. This year? No problems.

  • We've had salad greens, peas, green onions and herbs out of our garden so far. The kids have tried all of them (they haven't loved all of them, but they have at least tried them - which many of you parents know is a big win).

Has it been all easy and error free? No. Some areas of concern:
  • Pumpkins!? I am quite certain I wasn't involved in the choice to plant these. They have taken more than their allotted 2 squares and are spreading across the driveway and up the pea trellis ("Feed me, Seymore"?). We use about 2 pumpkins a year, so this may be overkill.

Pumpkins are pretty and all, but...

  • Spinach and Salad greens. Something has been field stripping our greens nightly. We've gotten a few leaves off them, but some snails, or whatever, are getting even more. Fortunately, our CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) membership (also new to us this year) is more than covering us in the salad green dept.

  • Celery.  It sprouted and then the sprouts disappeared.  Something got to eat celery - but it wasn't us.

  • Recent dry/hot days.  This week has been very hot and dry and our driveway is baking. Normally this isn't a big deal, but the plants are showing big time wilt by the time evening arrives. I am emptying a rain barrel watering-can-by-watering-can onto it lately, but it is taking a bit of effort.  (I am sure every other garden is in the same boat, I just wanted to make it clear that I wasn't entirely sitting back and drinking Margaritas on the porch while a cornucopia of vegetables spewed forth from the driveway).  At least not any more.
Coming soon...tomatoes!

So, any real complaints on our part? No, none. This has been our easiest, highest yield summer of gardening yet and we haven't even hit the big payoff points of peppers, tomatoes and vine veggies.

Did I mention no weeding?

How does your garden grow?


  1. Just discovered your blog, and was considering a similar plan for gardening on our driveway. How did the later Summer vegetables do? Tomatoes? Cucumbers?

    1. Thanks for the kick in the pants to update this Bill - Late summer did very well. The tomatoes yielded very well - more than we could eat. We had good pepper production and maybe a dozen cucumbers of various sizes.

      The not good- The pumpkins bloomed like crazy, terrorized the whole garden and part of the driveway and didn`t produce a single thing. They are off the list. Also, the carrots were planted too densely, I didn`t thin them very gently and the rain didn`t come at the right time, so they had issues too. I also thing the pumpkins shaded them too much. Damn you Pumpkins!

      We are definitely doing the garden again this spring and will update our planting plan then with all the wisdom gained from this years mistakes.

      Thanks for reading and good luck with your own garden.

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