A Key to Saving Money: Finding Contentment with What You Have

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by Robin

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One of the secrets of saving money is the same as the secret for enjoying the life you already have and the secret to loving the person you already are. 

This secret is the inherent power of gratitude.

Advertising can be a powerful distraction.  We're told what should matter to us through ads.  Ads are designed to erode our contentment.  They are engineered to make us forget the bounty that already surrounds us.

But, when we remember, we know what genuinely matters to us by listening to our hearts.

By recognizing all the wonderful things we already have in our lives (including those things that aren't "things") we can appreciate our current riches and not go looking for it at the mall.

I don't presume to know what those things are for you.  What brings you contentment will be unique to your heart, just as what matters to me is unique to mine. But having reminders of looking around us for contentment can steer us all in our truest direction.

I have been collecting "advertisements" for gratitude and contentment.  I am collecting quotes that sell the appreciation of simple things.  (If you're interested, you can follow my Great Quotes Pinterest board here.)

Here are a few quotes have resonated with me...

Source: Hank and Hunt

Source: Real Simple

Source: Real Simple

Source: Sprik Space

Source: Sherbet Blossom


Some people keep gratitude journals, some pray, or meditate...what do you do to remind yourself of what you're grateful for?

This post was first published in May of 2012. 
I felt like I needed a reminder, and thought you might too.

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