Harry Potter DIY Luna Lovegood Costume (An easy how to!)

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by Robin

When our daughter said she wanted to be Luna for Halloween, I was thinking she wanted to be a fish.  We have a fish named after her favourite Harry Potter character.  Miss Lovegood is just that popular around here.

With good reason!  Was anyone else rooting for Luna Lovegood and Harry Potter to end up together?  We totally were.  Luna is a fabulous character and she really "got" Harry.  Ginny's just so...yawn?  (We are a whole family of Harry Potter fans - you didn't know? - well, we've got the homemade Marauder's Map shirtto prove it.)

Our 9-year-old daughter made this costume herself!  (A momma can boast, right?  On her own blog she darn right can!) Ed and I popped in here and there with advice and a bit of help - but the girl knocked out 95% of this costume herself.  So, even if you aren't normally a DIY dork like us - you can probably put this one together yourself.

Here's how she made her Luna Lovegood costume, including links to printable glasses, Quibbler and costume tutorials you'll find helpful, too...

Luna Lovegood Glasses: Spectrespecs!

 free printable luna lovegood glasses

Of course, you can buy some great Spectrepecs - but we were trying to make as much ourselves as possible.

A quick search on the interweb found this Spectrespecs tutorial with a printout:

free printable luna lovegood glasses

We printed it onto cardstock.  She then cut it out and attached it to a pair of glasses from our Tickle Trunk (aka. our dress-up box for those of you deprived of growing up with Mr. Dressup.)

Radish Earrings

This was my favourite thing to watch her create.  We found this tutorial on YouTube from Jane at CraftyTutorials and our crafty girl made them herself from Sculpey Clay.  (Our girl's got a background in clay - we nearly constantly have polymer clay projects on the go - like the Angry Birds one's we talked about here.)

Here's Jane's tutorial:

Then we used craft wire to attach the radishes to some earring clips from Michaels.  (Our daughter is in the vast minority at her school with not having her ears pierced.  Heck - her mother doesn't either.  We are ear-holeless freaks together.)

Here's a source for radish earrings, if you'd rather buy them. (These cute radish earrings are clip-ons and so affordable!)

Printable Quibbler

quibbler printable idea
Reading the Quibbler upside down is optional, but you'll understand Nargles better this way.

We found a source of amazing artwork from Harry Potter, which we made into a simple Quibbler magazine.

First, we copied the Quibbler magazine cover.  Then we cropped it into two halves so that it was the size of a typical magazine.  After printing it, we taped it to an old magazine we had lying around.

Cork necklace

This probably doesn't need a how-to.  We didn't have any Butterbeer on hand, so a wine cork had to do.  Step 1 was to drink a bottle of wine (- we gleefully stepped in a did this part for her).

Then she screwed a simple eye hook into the end of the cork and tied it up with a ribbon.

 Easy Ravenclaw Scarf

Her first machine sewing project!  She did all the sewing herself. 

I briefly considered knitting a Ravenclaw scarf for this costume - like the Gryffindor Scarves I knit them two years ago.  Then I sobered up came to my senses and decided that this would be a perfect first sewing project for our girlie.

You can order a Ravenclaw scarf if you want, but here's how we made ours:

  • We picked up 3/4 yard of felt in each colour.  (Felt is great for first time sewing projects - it's inexpensive, colourful and doesn't fray.)
  • We cut 7" strips of felt in Ravenclaw colours.  
  • Then sewed them into stripes.  
  • We folded the scarf in half and sewed a long seam up the side.  
  • Turned it right-side out and - ta-da!

Other Elements:

Red Chuck Taylors 
  • Our girl has never asked for any brand name (or new) clothes before.  She is always pleased with what she has (a thankful mom here!).  But, this one time she asked for something - these Red Chucks - and because she happened to outgrow her outdoor pair of runners - and our vengeful cat peed on them - we obliged.  
  • I've gotta admit to a bit of sticker shock - even though we priced around.

Hogwarts School Robe
    • Our friend loaned us one from her daughters' Tickle Trunk.  It's Gryffindor, but we covered up the Gryffindor crest.
    • You can order a Hogwarts School Robe too.

  • Quirky Socks (or official Ravenclaw socks
    • She's probably going to want to wear these new socks every chance she can get.  
    • I think we paid $2 at a local discount store.

This was such a fun experience!  It was so cool to watch our girl get her crafty on.  

Can you tell her momma's proud?  I'm so glad she didn't listen to me:  I felt lazy and tried talking her into wearing the peacock costume we made last year.  

Did you make any Halloween costumes this year?  Do you love it - or loathe it?

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