Family Fun: Operation Christmas Child (how we're spending our PA Day)

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by Robin

Tomorrow is a PA Day for us.  The kids are home from school and I am home from work.  Oh yeah!

A good portion of the day will be spent doing our favourite activity: the wearing of pajamas.  I'm not sure how many other families are as committed to this important activity, but around here we take our pajama wearing time seriously.  If you visit us before noon, you'll want to wear your pajamas too, just so you don't feel left out.

After that we've got something fun and meaningful planned:  shopping and packing our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.

This will be our second year preparing our shoeboxes full of treasures.  These boxes will go overseas to children who have needs greater than our own.  The kids pick the gender and age of the child they want to make a box for - generally, they pick someone just like themselves.  So, more than likely, we'll be packing a box for a 9 year-old girl and a 7 year-old boy.

Our kids have such different approaches.  Our daughter methodically studies the rules - some things you can't pack in your shoebox for cultural, shipping and import reasons.  She makes a list of appropriate items and tells us all about how we should do it.  Our son, he's more of a wing it fella.  He walks in the store and grabs stuff he thinks is awesome.  Our daughter then advises him about how that isn't the best choice.  (Oh, the parallels between their parents' relationship are eerie.  It makes me painfully self-aware of my hyper-planning and advice giving when I see this mini-me doing it!)

After our boxes are packed and ready, we will take them to the nearest Collection Centre, along with a donation of at least $7 per shoebox.  

This is the last weekend to get your shoeboxes ready for delivery.  In our area the last day for pick-up is this Saturday, November 23rd.

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  1. I hadn't heard of the shoe box program before...so cool! Do you know if it operates like the Salvation Army Angel program, where what you pick out doesn't necessarily go to the one child you've "adopted", but instead it's parceled out to be distributed evenly along with all the other gifts?

    1. I really like this program, Kelly. The whole box goes to one child. Before they are shipped, anything that shouldn't be in the box is removed - like liquids or war toys or whatever - but otherwise it's what you put together. I love watching my kids visualize a child like themselves, who has more needs than they do. Such a tangible way for them to practice gratitude and compassion. :)


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