When You're Weary - Something Has to Give

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by Robin

"Mommy, Are you worried?", my 7-year old son asked with a sincere look of concern in his big, blue eyes.

"No, sweetie, I'm just tired.  Why do you ask?" I replied, pausing from loading the dishwasher.

"Oh, wait, that's not what I meant.  I mean: are you the word for tired that starts with W?"

I searched my fatigued brain for the word...."Um...Weary, honey?  Do you mean am I weary?"

"Yes!  That's it!  Are you weary, Mommy?"  His look is mixed with triumph and concern.  A weird, but adorable, facial expression on him.

"You know what, little man, that's EXACTLY how I'm feeling.  You've got just the right word there."  I gave him a hug and thanked him for caring so much to ask, and feeling more than a little proud of his compassion and vocabulary.

We have been beyond busy lately.  Ed put it well when he walked in the door after a day of teaching and sighed, "OK, that's done, now we punch in to job #2." 

Don't get us wrong, our second job has been a very rewarding one.

Since mid-November, we have been helping my mom with some major transitions.  We are both incredibly pleased that the new condo we helped her find, buy, furnish and move into is working out so well for her.  She seems happier now than we've seen her in many years.  That was the goal of all this.

It's Phase Two of this work that is draining us.  

Finally, her old townhouse is empty.  It had been a daunting task for her to maintain her old home.  (This is one of the many reasons the new condo is so perfect for her.The townhouse is in disrepair.  It needs many hours of work to get it ready to sell. 

If you're a regular blog reader, you know: We love DIY.  We are often found smiling with a paintbrush and measuring tape in hand.  We should be enjoying this process of turning my mom's old place around.  The frugal part of us would normally love seeing what we can do with some creativity and elbow grease to sell this old place for a profit.   

But, we aren't loving it.  Loathing it might be more accurate.

The blogger parts of us are itching to tell you about some of the cool projects we're doing and share all that we're learning about flipping a house.  But, we are too dang exhausted to write.

Our spare time is consumed with this project.  And the way we are spending this time is not in line with our priorities.  Something has to give.  What's had to give is our writing here on the blog.   

This post is just our way of putting up a "Be Back Soon" sort of sign and letting you know:  We will be back.  We will miss sharing ideas with you here, but we miss time with our kiddos, friends and sleep so very much more. I'm sure you understand.

Thank-you, dear reader, for your understanding and know that we'll be back with neat frugal stuff - especially more about this house flipping business - soon.

Have you had to set something aside while you work through a busy time?  How has this worked for you?


  1. Looking forward to having you back when you are able! Good luck with your very full plate! :)

    1. Aww - thanks, Tamaira! You're so sweet to take the time to leave such an encouraging message. :)

  2. You have your priorities set exactly right- we'll be happy to wait and catch up later. As for the reno & sale prep, all I can offer is encouragement. I wish that sending advice, like "keep you chin up" or "stay strong", actually made the task easier or faster. It can be so daunting when your up to your neck in something that is so consuming and you don't really have a choice to stop or even slow down. It just has to be done.
    Best of luck to you
    ps- your boy is so sweet- it made me tear up (when the littles can tell something is troubling to the big people in their life)

    1. He IS so sweet! Thanks for your encouragement, Cindy, we will get this big job done, we've set a deadline of the end of January. So the end is near. :)

  3. I hope Ed is making lots of Flipper jokes... "Eeek eek eeek" (dolphin sounds)

    1. So that's why he keeps bouncing a beach ball on his nose! :)

  4. We've enjoyed following your blog for a while. I feel for your situation. Taking care of the affairs of older parents can be taxing for sure. My dad's place, the place I grew up, takes a lot of outdoor care during the summer to taking care of our place and his is quite taxing. But, he's in good health so I'm thankful for that. I've signed up to get your posts by email so I'll know when you're "back". Hope all goes well in the coming weeks. -Dave

    1. Thank-you so much for your kind words, Dave. It truly means a lot. We sometimes feel like we'll lose our readers interest with such a long break here - so you've reassured us - which feels so much better.

      It is a lot of work raising a family and taking care of parents - you know of what I speak. I need to often remind myself of the reason for the overload - that my mom is healthier and happier now. Thanks for causing me to pause and reflect on that - perspective I needed! :)

  5. I stumbled upon your blog several months ago & look forward to each new project & great recipes!
    I too have been the "project manager" of my childhood home that my parents built 65 years ago. Both parents now gone & time to let go. It is emotionally & physically draining.
    Thankyou for your honest & informative posts!

    1. Oh thank-you, Barb! I'm glad you enjoy our blog and took the time to let us know! :) Hang in there - those old homes take so much energy - I hope you can get things sorted out and put behind you. I've been there - it feels good on the other side of it.


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