Happy Canada Day! 5 Fun, Quick and Truly Canadian Lego Builds

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By Ed

Canada turns 150 years old this year  (or about 13,000, when you include First Nations settlement).  Either way, our country looks pretty good for its age. We will celebrate in lots of ways - a cross-country road trip in August among them - but we're sharing something fun right now:

5 fun and simple Canada Day themed LEGO creations!

Most of these mini-kits can be built with pieces you probably already have in your LEGO collection and your Canadian Lego fan will love this way of celebrating!

Okay, here's how these work - each build has an image showing all the parts you need (usually not many) and their approximate locations and another image showing everything assembled.

If you're not familiar with any pieces you see or want clearer information on how to assemble something, ask away in the comments. Most are pretty straightforward and could even be improved or modded by creative brick engineers in your house. Get building!

Tabletop Hockey Game

Just because the Stanley Cup finals are over, the lakes are melted and it's July, doesn't mean hockey season is done.

What do you need?  
  • Some flat 2X pieces with angled handles for sticks, 
  • Some curved windows for nets. 
  • A patriotic red and white puck wrapped with a LEGO tire to give it some weight and that authentic rubber puck bounce. The domed white piece on the bottom helps it slide!

Invent your own house rules and tweak the components to suit whoever is playing (custom net or stick colours for your favourite NHL teams maybe?) and even rainy days at the cottage can be hockey season,  GAME ON!

Busy Beaver

What could be more Canadian than an industrious beaver working away on a tree? Our little LEGO creation is pretty straightforward. 

We found the key parts were:
  • something round for a tail and 
  • something white for teeth. 

Get that right and the rest just sort of works out, so feel free to go off-recipe with whatever LEGO parts you have. It feels like there is a lot of potential to build a dam, a lodge and whole pond ecosystem.

Inuit Kayak and Igloo

Every good Canadian knows our northern first peoples don't live in igloos or travel exclusively by kayak anymore, but the iconic images still make for fun Canada Day builds.  

Our little igloo is hollow so the roof can come off and the family can move inside. And if you happen to have a LEGO husky dog, that is an added bonus.

RCMP "Mountie"

The uniform of Canada's National police service is instantly recognizable and known worldwide. 

Our Mountie doesn't have the proper Sam Browne belt, but black pants, a red tunic (from a LEGO Pirates kit) and a hat courtesy of LEGO Forest Police do the trick. 

Don't have those parts? Dig around and see what you already have and you'd be surprised how just matching colours can create the Mountie image.

Canada Flag Wall

Our son pulled this idea together - you can put it on a table, your desk at work or anywhere that needs a little Canadian patriotism. 

A solid white wall piece for the background and some red brick stacks for the sides, all mounted on a baseplate with a red cap piece to hold to hold it together. Add the Maple Leaf and you're all set. Oh, Canada!

If you feel inspired to share your own creations, please do so in the comments. We're always looking for more cool LEGO builds. And if you have any questions on our builds - ask away.

Happy Canada Day!

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  1. These are awesome lego builds! My boyfriend LOVES legos and I'm definitely sent him this post to recreate some!

    1. That's so cool, Jennifer! Hope he enjoys them. Thanks for your message! :)

  2. I love the Mountie! My Dad is from Nova Scotia and my brother was born on Canada Day so we always celebrate.

    1. How cool, Michelle - I didn't know you had a Canadian connection! :)


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