$1 Rainy Day Boredom Buster

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by Robin

Is it raining where you are?  It sure is here.  Cats and Dogs (and I think I saw a Gerbil coming down with them).

This post is a quick one, just one simple idea to keep your kids occupied on a day stuck indoors.  It's inexpensive and engrossing for little people's imaginations: Cheap.  Cheerful.  Creative.  (What we're all about here at Frugal Family Times!)

Here it is:

1)  First, you take a shower curtain liner. 

Ours was from the dollar store for, you guessed it, a dollar. We taped it down to the floor with painters tape.

2)  Next, grab some markers - if your kids can be trusted with them.

Sharpies worked for us, but my kids are old enough to know better than drawing on the floor.  If yours are not so savvy, stick with crayons.

Washable markers, sadly, don't work for this activity.

3) Then, let them loose to create!

Our kids chose to make a map of a town that their Lego people could drive around and explore.

First, they drew out the streets with Sharpies.  If your kids are small - you could draw the roads for them - or at the very least - supervise the sharpie work very closely!

Then, they filled in the colourful details with crayons. 

We filled an entire afternoon - and the next morning - just with this.  And they played with it for days afterwards.

They quietly played while I blissfully read a novel.  A perfect way for us all to spend a rainy afternoon.

Do you have a cheap and cheerful way to occupy kids on a rainy day?  Please!  Share it below.


  1. I love this... looks like the perfect activity to have tucked away for a rainy day. :)

    1. Totally! I love how open ended is, too. Thanks, Jessica! :)

  2. I’m laughing now. It is raining at my place actually and I need something to occupied myself not the children. Sound crazy!! Thanks for your idea.


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