Fun, Modern & Easy Christmas Gallery Wall: Free Printables!

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by Robin

Ever put up your tree and look at your room and go, "one of these things definitely does not look like the others"?  That was me this year.  In one corner our charming, traditional, ornament-laden Christmas tree and right next to it?  Sun drenched spring coloured art prints.

The disconnect was too much for me - I wanted my wall to reflect the festive Christmas spirit.  But, my frugal and lazy self was not going to go out shopping to gather up a whole new bunch of artwork.  No, sir, I was going to shop at home in my pyjamas for printables!  (And, of course, make a Pinterest Board.)

What I found were some fun, modern and easy breezy printables.  And their generous creators have them available for free!

Here's what I found...

Last year I made this gallery wall with six simple frames with mats.  (I filled them with tear out prints from these affordable art print books.  And I've changed up the prints a few times since I shared this photo on Instagram.)

I picked up these frames at Michaels (on sale and with a coupon, of course).  But, if you'd like to source them online, they are pretty similar to these Gallery Solution frames.   They are 11x14 with a mat that makes an 8x10 frame.  This size is perfect for 8.5x11 letter size paper printables!

The beauty of picking up a few frames of the same size is that your gallery wall can come together quickly and easily.  No spending time finding the perfect odd sized frame to fill in a small spot left by bigger ones, and so on.  Maybe someday I'll vary the sizes, but that day ain't coming anytime soon - I just plain don't have time for anything more elaborate and I am aok with that.

Here're the sources for the printables I chose:

Chalkboard Christmas Printables from Classy Clutter

Christmas Movie Quotes Printables from Home Coming

Holiday Message Maps Printables from Angela Hardison

After choosing my printables, I printed them (yeah, I know, you could guess that), stuck them in the frames and popped them back up on the wall.  It took 15 minutes tops.  (Ok, the finding, narrowing down the choices, drinking wine and choosing complimentary prints steps took many, many, more minutes, but those were super fun minutes, so they don't count one bit!)

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  1. I love this! I do this, too but I don't know anyone else who changes out artwork seasonally. I have a 9 frames; 3 8x10 photos don't change; random sizes and yes it's a pain because my selection of photos are different sizes but I use 2 picture rails to simplify the arrangement of them.
    I use some winter photos that stay up for the season and a couple of Xmas ones, one of my favourites is North (the Santa character from Guardians) and a closeup of a chickadee in the forest, my friend took. I also have some for fall and Halloween that help make the wall feel dressed for the season.
    My tip would be to seek out frames that have those easy clips that secure into a groove in the frame. I have a couple with the metal tabs, to secure the photo, but repeated bending back and forth to change out photos have broken many tabs off.

    1. That's a great tip, Cred! re: tabs! I have the fold back ones and you're right their days are numbered. I hadn't thought to do Halloween. THAT would be fun. :)

  2. I frame Christmas cards that I have received and love. I have done this for so many years that they have permanent frames, I pack them away with my decorations each year. I have some for most holidays. The artwork that I take down when I put up the holiday artwork gets packed in the empty containers from the Christmas decor so I have them handy to put back up when the holiday decor gets packed away. Easy peasy

    1. I love your ideas, Lisa! Thanks for sharing them. :) I’m going to look closer at the cards I have kept - some may be worth framing. :)


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