A New Solution to Boring Lunch Bags: Nordica Smooth Cottage Cheese

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by Robin

With a sigh, I empty another lunch bag after school.  Once again there's an unopened yogurt tub and a few sips taken from an otherwise full milk container.  I want these kids of mine to get more protein and calcium in the middle of their day.  But once the novelty fades from a certain food, it's tough to get them to acknowledge that great healthy fuel waiting for them in their lunch bag.

When Gay Lea asked us to sample and write about their new product, Nordica Smooth Cottage Cheese, I had mixed feelings.  I was hopeful for a new snack and lunch bag option, but I have really bad associations with cottage cheese.  

I associate cottage cheese with chronic dieters in shiny leotards and leg warmers feeling the burn from their Jane Fonda aerobic workout video.   That, and lumps.  So many lumps.  I have never been able to get past the lumps.  Nordica Smooth Cottage Cheese is made without the lumps.  Hmmm...all the benefits of cottage cheese sans the gross lumps?  I'm in!  

And as a Registered Dietitian, I know cottage cheese is a great food with lots of benefits.  The Nordica Smooth Cottage Cheese comes in 100g servings and each has a nice 10g of protein and 110 calories.  So it's a pretty great snack or post workout fuel.  What a great addition to the kids' lunch bags!

It's available in 3 flavours, though our local stores only carried two: Vanilla Bean and  Salted Caramel. (I'm looking forward to trying the Lemon when I can find it.)   Our family tried both flavours last night.  They are both yummy.  I think the creamy and sweet flavour is almost like cheesecake!  My daughter was practically begging to take one in her lunch.  A win!

We came up with two sweet snack ways to enjoy Nordica Smooth Cottage Cheese:

1)  As a frozen pop treat!  This was our son's favourite.  He woke up this morning and asked to have it for breakfast.  

2)  As a dip with apples!  The Salted Caramel flavour is especially good for this.

Starting today, Gay Lea is having a fun contest: 24 Days of Cookies.  There are daily prizes leading up to a grand prize on December 25th.  (Sadly, we can't enter, because we're Gay Lea Ambassadors - sniff! - but that can't stop you!)  Head to their Facebook page to get started!

Disclosure: We are a part of the Gay Lea Ambassador Campaign and we receive special perks as part of our affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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