Sell Your Stuff Online: A “Where-To” Guide for Canadians

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by Ed

If there is such a thing as spring cleaning, couldn’t there also be such a thing as winter purging? Not a terribly catchy name, but regardless, now is a great time to get rid of the extra stuff in your life that is both taking up space and possibly hiding extra cash. 

The holiday bills are coming.  Could you use some cash?  Here's our guide to "where to" sell your old stuff online...


  • Need your old cell phone or tablet out of your life ASAP? Americans have lots of options (Nextworth, Gazelle), but in Canada things are a little more limited. Sell my Cell Canada will buy your old cell phones, and handheld electronics at set prices (and you can even ship your stuff to them). You’ll have to sell at a bit of a discount, but it can be done without any haggling.

  • If you have some time and some negotiation skills, post your stuff on Craigslist or Kijiji.ca. Tech gadgets seem to sell for around fair market value on Kijiji as most of the buyers and sellers are pretty tech-savvy themselves. It may take a few days and some phone/e-mail or text exchanges, but the payout could be worth it.


  • Fashion trends change like mad and if you’re the kind of person with a closet bursting at the seams with style, Trend Trunk could be a way to help free up some space. Trend Trunk is an online consignment store where you post and sell your stuff and Trend Trunk provides the shipping label and broker’s payment. Yup, that’s right, they handle all the tough stuff, you just shop and sell.

  • And if you’re clothes aren’t worth re-selling, check out the Diabetes Clothesline to schedule a pickup and perhaps win a trip to Hawaii.


  • Some books you will re-read again and again and look great on the shelf too. Others… well, you’ll likely never bother with (or aren’t so proud of reading) so why not pass them along? Abebooks lets you sell your unwanted books online and put money in your pocket.

  • Students should check out the Textbook Buy and Sell because, honestly, you are never going to read that ECON 101 book ever again. Trust me.


  • Ask the car junkie in your life where they spend time browsing online and probably AutoTrader.ca will be one of the first places they say. That many car fanatics can’t be wrong – Auto Trader is the king of online car sales in Canada. Everyone from dealers to that guy down the street trying to unload his old Datsun posts on it, so check out a few ads first to see what the pros do when selling.

  • Use the Kelley Blue Book to make sure you’re getting the right price for your car too.

Stuff you want to sell, but you don’t want to haggle over:

  • Does your office have an e-mail “buy and sell” message board? Dealing with coworkers can take a lot of the selling stress off you and make negotiation, and delivery, easier.

  • Maybe your area has a Facebook Auction Group?  (Robin wrote all about her success with this here.) Ask your friends and see if you can get an invite – they are great ways to sell stuff in a hurry without the yard sale scramble and early morning hours.  We’ve done well with old toys – and it’s actually pretty darn fun.

Stuff you just want out of your life:

  • Again, Kijiji is the king of finding people to take stuff off your hands. Post “For Free” or “Best Offer” and see what happens.

  • Want your old fridge, stove or other scrap metal based stuff gone? I guarantee your local Kijiji Board has a dude in a truck that will come and cart it away. For Free!

Where have you had success selling stuff?  Do tell!


  1. I've had great luck with Facebook based local online buy/sell pages (online yard sales or online classified ads). Because I live in a small town in the middle of 2 larger Kijiji centres, each a 45 minutes drive from where I live, often listings and potential buyers are quite distant from us. I'm used to driving further to those neighbouring cities but attracting buyers to come pick up in the sticks whittles down potential buyers for my items. I have multiple FB sales groups that reduces the buyer radius and has greatly reduced the time it takes to sell goods- so much better for me.

    1. It is tough when you're outside the major centres. You've got some great strategies there, Cred!


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