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by Robin

My kids have a tough choice ahead of them.  There are so many inventive bloggers out there who have created fabulous, creative Valentines (no Spiderman, Tinkerbell or Transformer in sight).  And they are sharing them for free!  My plan was to collect a couple of links and let the kiddos choose the Valentine they'd like to take to give to their classmates.   Well,  I went a bit overboard.  My last count was 20 sets! (There's something addictive to searching for them, so I may very well add a few more before this post is published.)

Of course, I am sharing the collection with you, too!  Just click on the blog name and it will take you right to their Free Valentine Printable. 

The Handmade Home has some free printables with a sweet vintage look:

Here's a simple folded card from Paperbox Press:

Your older girl might enjoy these two sets from A Fanciful Twist:

Here's a cool iPhone valentine from Living Locurto:

There are a few cute choices at We Love to Illustrate:  (I am partial to the beavers.  There's a soft spot in my heart for those industrious little creatures.):

Embellish has some valentines that are pretty cool:

You can print this one in pink or blue.  It's meant as a tag on top of a package of Pop Rocks, but I think it holds it's own without.  It's from Onesie Twosie:

These are sooo cute. I love that fuzzy blue monster. From Pumpkins and Posies

One Charming Party shared these.  The candy hearts are sweet.:

Bunny Cakes shared another candy heart Valentine:

This zebra one is also from Bunny Cakes

This one's from Anders Ruff.  It's pretty and sweet:

Here's a page of 9 rockets from Love and Rockets:

Got a kid into pirates?  These from mer mag ones might do the trick.  (If you're not into sewing, a little sticker could be used for the eyepatch.):

Here's some cute ones from Secret Agent Josephine:
These are neat.  They're from Rust and Sunshine.  A cute colour-by-numbers valentine.  (They print with just black ink, so they would be an even more frugal choice.):

These Robots are super cute, they are from Cottage Industrialist:  

Also from Cottage Industrialist:

PS - Don't forget YOUR grown-up sweetie! Any one of these could be perfect to give your funny valentine (Ed's going to get the razor one - shaving - that's a true symbol of love right there.)  Also from the Cottage Industrialist (so happy to have discovered this blog!):

 I am curious which one my kids will choose!  

Which one is your favourite?

We've got more free printable Valentine roundups - click below for more!

This post was first published in 2012.

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