Where to find Video Games from your Childhood - a Great Cheap Source for Retro Games

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By Ed

Summer's coming and that means... Video Games?

Um, hopefully not exclusively - but summer has its share of rainy days and kids can't be in camp or on a cottage vacation every minute. So yeah, gaming - for better or worse - will probably be a part of lots of kids summer vacations.

We've written here before about some of our favourite console titles as well as video game making websites like Scratch.

But what about the classics?

  • If your kids loved music, you'd want to make sure they heard some Beethoven and the Beatles amongst all their current pop music. 
  • If they enjoyed sports, you'd likely want to make sure they knew about Gretzky or Michael Jordan. 
Similarly, video games have a huge back catalog of titles and many of them are excellent, educational and (best-of-all) cheap!  We've found a great source...

Enter GOG.com (formerly Good Old Games).

Over 1600 titles and a partnership with Valve/Steam to share purchases across platforms.

They have titles ranging from very current (the soon to be released and super-hyped "No Man's Sky") to early 90's classic puzzlers like Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. They are all DRM (Digital Rights Management)-Free, which means you can download and install them as many times as you'd like, legally and without risk of viruses.

We've bought a few titles from them - our first was the Greek Mythology/civilization creation game: Zeus + Poseidon when the kids were hardcore into Percy Jackson. We also have SimCity 2000 - a free giveaway which I grew up playing and loved.

This week we hit another jackpot: Star Wars Battlefront 2 for $9.99. Our son recently played the new Star Wars Battlefront reboot at a friends house and loved it. That version costs nearly $70.00 and needs a Playstation 4 or high powered PC to run it. Battlefront 2, on the other hand, is from 2005 and runs on our cheap desktop PC (with graphic options on low) and our laptop.

If you go and create an account today - you can download any of the Free titles immediately and see how GOG.com works.

As with everything (Netflix, Amazon, etc), there are titles that are aimed at teens and adults on GOG, so read everything before you buy - just to make sure the content is appropriate for your family.

Also, newer titles are much more expensive (no Man's Sky is preordering at $70+). But if you look through the library and add titles to your wishlist, GOG will email you when they go on sale and you can get many titles for under $5 when that happens. You'd be crazy not to buy them!

Stardew Valley is on my wishlist - $20 now, but if it goes on sale for 8o% off, its mine.

So, if you're looking for games to amuse your kids - and maybe relive a bit of your childhood - check out GOG.com.

What were your favourite video games back in the day?


  1. At the point when computer games were initially presented, we had essential amusements, for example, space trespassers, Pac man and tennis - recall pong? Everybody wanted to play and the recreations were age proper for all ages.


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