Rainy Day Delicious Fun with Whipped Cream and Pie Face Showdown! #BornOnTheFarm

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by Robin

When there's rain in the forecast, yet we have a hankering to escape to the woods, we make sure we bring two things: the kids' "Dream Team" friends and a fun game.  We're happy that we've figured out our Dream Team, and thankful to Gay Lea for providing us with a very fun game to keep everyone amused in the downpour.

We've written a bunch of posts about how last year we bought 2 acres in the country, with a river running through it and a mobile home rotting on it.  We've done a lot of work on the place, and thrown a lot more money than we expected to at it.  But we unabashedly LOVE it.

One thing that we love is when the kids bring friends up to run wild in the woods, catch frogs in the river and build forts in the forest.  Notice something in common with those activities?  They are OUTDOORS!  When the weather is great  - we've got no problems.  We can bring up any friends of our kids choosing and we all come home unscathed.  Mom and Dad are cool as cucumbers.

Now, take that random bunch of kids, and a downpour and, oh my, we're on our last nerve about 20 minutes after the first raindrop.  That 624 square foot mobile home gets pretty darn small pretty darn quick. That is until we discovered what we call our "Dream Team".  It's made up of our daughter's friend and our son's friend.  This boy and girl are both polite and creative and kind and co-operative and have the ability to be quiet once and awhile.  Ahhhh....that discovery was a great one.

So last weekend we brought the Dream Team, Hasbro's Pie Face Showdown and GayLea's Real Whipped Cream with us to the river.

I may have taunted the kids by leaving it out and telling them they couldn't play it until the rain started.  Wah-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha (evil laugh).  So by the time it rained they were salivating for the real cream, kosher and halal certified dollop of Gay Lea's Real Whipped Cream right in their eager faces.

Faces this mother loves!  And folks - the games way more fun with the hand and the whipped cream attached.  

Keep your eyes open when you pick up your game - some have a $1 off coupon for Gay Lea Whipped Cream.  (BTW their Real Coconut Whipped Cream is dairy-free - so even your vegan or lactose-intolerant friends can play!)

It's just as much fun setting up the game as it is playing!  Who doesn't love spraying whipped cream?

    • We all got in on the action!
      Players on the right seemed to have the deck stacked against them... or maybe they just weren't fast enough on the draw. Please excuse my bedhead (who needs to waste time grooming when there's Pie Face Showdown to play?!)

Disclosure: We are part of the Gay Lea Ambassador Campaign and we receive special perks as part of our affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are our own.

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