Our Top Tips of 2016 (as chosen by our readers!)

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We tend to reflect when the calendar turns over to another new year.  This year has been an interesting one for us - in our regular life - and in our blogging.

We don't often talk about the business end of things, but this year was a stinker and a rose.  The stinker was being fleeced 6 months worth of ad revenue when our main ad company Merde Mode decided to sneakily shut their doors and leave everyone unpaid (except their executives).  That was a low point.

Writing here has never really been about the money for us - we really, truly love sharing ideas to help other families do more with their money - but being taken advantage of was a bit of a punch in the gut.  We felt cheated and discouraged and found it hard to write and share.

The rose!  That terrible experience lead to us joining an amazing network who are supportive, professional and proactive.  Joining them has helped us to get inspired to write and share with you all here.  Heck, we even started a newsletter!

We thought it would be fun to cap off the year with a recap of what readers like you read most on our blog.  There's a real variety here!  Which speaks to the variety of topics we share about - our real life and projects - all with a spending-smart viewpoint.

We've got 2 lists here.  The first is the ten most-read posts of the year - regardless of when they were written.  The second is the ten most popular posts that we penned in 2016.

But first!

Thank-you so much for spending some time here with us!  We know your time is important and we try hard to respect it.  We hope our posts give you ideas to spend your money and time the best way possible - and entertain you at the same time.  Without your visits and comments, we would have given up this little blog a long time ago - so thanks for your encouragement! 

Our Most Read Posts:

1) A surefire way to get kids excited to give gifts to their siblings at Christmas.  

It was a super surprise that our little family tradition spoke to so many people!

2) How to install peel and stick vinyl tiles that you can grout

3) DIY Rust Removal: Make your Beater Better

4) 10 tips to save at Great Wolf Lodge

5) Secret Agent Birthday Party

6) How to Make a Weed-free Brick Driveway - That Stays that Way! (How to get rid of weeds between interlocking bricks)

7) Birthday Party Ideas: Minecraft Printables, crafts and games!

8) Best Brownies Ever - in a Jar for Giving

9) How to Install Paintable Beadboard Wallpaper

10) Builder Basic to Beautiful: Medicine Cabinet Makeover

Our Top Posts (Written in 2016):

1) Peel and Stick Groutable Vinyl Tile: 4 years later

2) Our review of this affordable hard sided portable hot tub

3) The essential first step to meal planning - that everyone forgets

4) Vintage camp blanket inspired pillows - 3 simple knitting patterns for total beginners

5) How we made this bookshelf planter - in an empty space at the top of the stairs

6)  How to DIY as a couple and not fight (too much)

7) No Babysitter Required - at home date night ideas for parents

8) How we made this hot tub deck in 2 hours for $250

9) The one dough that makes it all

1) This is the only post to make both lists.

We hope you'll join us for 2017 - we have some great ideas to share with you ahead!  


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