20 Free Printable Star Wars Valentines

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by Robin

I love finding collections of Valentines for the kids to choose from to give to their classmates. This year I thought I'd double down and choose a theme they both love. You may remember the fun we had when I surprised them on May the Fourth (Be With You Day) - five years later these two are still really gung-ho for Star Wars.

I'm going let them each pick a set from the list below. Then print them onto cardstock (if I'm organized and buy some) or else just plain paper (because really - do kids care about paper quality?)  I don't mean to sound val-humbug (is that what it's called when you're grumpy about Valentines?).

But, I've learned over the years to not pressure the kids to label each and every Valentine with their classmates' names. There're a couple reasons for this.

First, I've spent too many February the 13th's having a battle of wills with a child who doesn't want to write all those names out. It's a hassle I don't need in my castle.

Lastly, one year the teacher's helpful list of all the kids in the class - didn't include my son's name (by an honest mistake). And for that reason, my son didn't get the same boxful of valentines that the other kids got. He's a sturdy fella and didn't take it to heart. But, I'm less sturdy and felt terrible for him. Luckily, I knew on the 13th that this was going to happen and could prepare him. But mistakes like this can easily happen with class lists, so why risk it?

So, if you're similarly inclined, for Valentine's sake, keep it simple!

For example, we write: To: "my friend" From: "my name". We've been known to write the "my friend" part for them, just to get 'er done.

It amazes me how many talented bloggers have created so many great valentines for you to print and give - for free! All you need to do is click through to their site and print. Simple as that.

That's what I'm sharing today - 20 free printable Star Wars Valentines!

2. Desert Chica  -  Dark Side Star Wars Valentines

3. The Joys of  Boys  -  Star Wars Valentines with Light Saber Treats

4. A Grande Life  -  Star Wars Valentines with Glow Sticks

5. Sippy Cup Mom  -  Dorky's Doodles Printable Star Wars Valentines

6. A Few Short Cuts  -  6 Cute Printable Star Wars Valentines

7. Mrs. Kathy King  -  Star Wars The Force Awakens Valentines with Pics from the Movie 

8. All Mommy Wants  - Four Printable Star Wars Valentines

9. Electic Momsense  -  Star Wars Force Awakens Valentines Featuring Rei, Finn, and Kylo Ren 

10. Mom Endeavors  -  Cute Star Wars Force Awakens Valentines

11. The Crafting Chicks  -  Star Wars Bubble Wand Valentines

12. Tips From a Typical Mom  -  Printable Star Wars Valentines with 'Light Saber' Glow Sticks

13. Real Life at Home  -  Star Wars  Coloring Valentines

14. Wonder Bash  -  Minimalist Printable Star Wars Valentines

15. It is a Keeper  -  Four Fun Printable Star Wars Valentines

16. Wit and Wander  -  The Cutest Ever Printable Star Wars Valentines

17. Sippy Cup Mom  -  Printable Star Wars Valentines

18. Eat Drink and Save Money  -  Printable Star Wars Valentines with Both Good Guys and the Dark Side

19. Creative Savings Blog - Printable Star Wars Valentines for Giving Candy

20. A Grande Life - Star Wars The Force Awakens Printable Valentines

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