20+ Mostly Marvel Superhero Valentines - Free Printables!

by Robin

It's become a bit of a tradition for us to pull together a roundup of fun, free, printable Valentines for the kids to choose from. Last year we curated a list of Star Wars Valentines - and before that a bunch of non-branded, fun and funny Valentines.  

This year the choice was obvious: Marvel.  We have become huge fans of Marvel movies.  Even me!  I LOVED the Ragnarok movie.  Have you seen it?  So much fun - even for someone normally pretty neutral about Superhero movies (also me). 

And my kids each have their own favourite Marvel superhero.

My 13-year-old daughter was Thor for Halloween.  She looked great - I wish we had a good photo to share.  She made some cardboard armour and had two Mjolnir's: a flat cardboard one for school (no weapons allowed) and an old wooden one of my grandpa's for trick-or-treating.  (I can't tell you how cool I feel that I know all about Mjolnir!  Although truth be told - I had to look up how to spell it for this post and admittedly I've been calling it "Meowmeow" until this moment.  Conclusion: I'm decidedly NOT cool.)

My son is a Captain American fan - for the funniest reason.  He loves how polite Captain America is. 😂  And they both prefer their friends to not swear thank-you-very-much.  That's my boy for you - he's kindness personified.  (And extra funny when you know his mom curses like a sailor on shore leave when doing certain projects...)

Enough of that - here's what you came for: a great collection of free, printable Marvel superhero Valentines!

Brand New for 2018 (from yours truly): 
Very hard to find:  Black Panther Valentines!

1. The Joys of Boys - Avengers Printable Valentines   Avengers-Valentines-square.png

2. The Neighborhood Moms - Iron Man Valentines   TNM_IronManValentines-791x1024

3. Spaceships and Laser Beams - Printable Superhero Valentine's Day Cards   free-superhero-valentines-day-cards-printable.jpg

4. Fancy Shanty - Superhero Valentine Cards   SuperHeroValentines.png

5. Kat Balloger - Superhero Valentine's Day Cards   GoS_SuperHeroValentines-e1423353943986.jpg

6. The Crafting Chicks - Superhero Valentines  

7. Masshole Mommy - Avengers Printable Valentines  

8. Busy Moms Helper - Printable Valentine Superhero Bookmarks  

9. Mrs. Kathy King - Avengers Valentines Day Cards  

10. The Quiet Grove - Free Superhero Valentine's Day Card Printables  

11. The Sparrow's Nest - You're My Hero, Valentine  

12. All Free Kids Crafts - Superhero Free Printable Valentines  

13. Life As A Mom - Free Printable Marvel Valentine  

14. *Jennuine by Rook no.17* - Stuck on You! Bandaid Valentines  

15. Ashlee Proffitt - Freebie Superhero Valentine Day Cards  

16. Girl In The Garage - Free Printable Superhero Valentines  

17. Big D And Me - Angry Birds "Super" Valentines  

18. Over The Big Moon - Sock Monkey Superhero Valentines  

19. East Coast Mommy - Super Hero Valentine*  

20. Frugal & Focused - Free Printable Super Hero Valentines  

If that wasn't enough ideas - we have more!  Check out our past free printable Valentine roundups here:

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