Ultra Easy Custom Art - No Artistic Talent Required!

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by Robin

I've had this fruit-style "art" on display for so much longer than I ever meant to. I found them (including frames) for a steal - $10 each! And when I bought them I meant to do something more interesting with the 'art'. I've never had much love for them.  I put the grouping up on the wall in our dining room as a placeholder, knowing it wouldn't be long until I made them special.

Flash forward fifteen years later - they're still there.  FIFTEEN YEARS!!!

I have no logical explanation for why I left this up on my walls for so long.  I think I just stopped seeing them?  Our current dining room shares space with our front hall - so every single time we come in and out - or welcome guests - this meh "art" is what greets us.  How did I leave this so long??!?!

Today I woke up with a burr in my bonnet (-is that the expression? I'm notorious for messing these things up [- Ed's note: No - it's not an expression]).  I was NOT going to live with this a moment longer.  I've had an idea of what to do with these frames for years - and today was the day I finally got 'er done.

So, I made a trip to my local discount fabric store and roamed the aisles until I found something that spoke to me.  

Using fabric and spraypaint - and no artistic ability - I made some much more interesting art for our walls.  It cost so little - I spent less than $15!  Check out the ultra simple how to here...

What you need:

  • Frames - with or without glass (mine had none)
  • Foamcore (my "art" was already on foamcore - which made wrapping the fabric easy.  You may want to pick up some for better wrapping.)
  • Gorgeous fabric.  (This one is similar.  I will add a source for my lovely watercolour fabric when I get back to the store and make note of it - sorry!)
    • Originally I thought I'd use something bolder - like a Kaffe Fassett.  But I've got bold, bossy curtains in my dining room - so a subtler, fluid fabric was the winner.
  • X-ACTO knife and cutting surface
  • Stapler and staples
  • Spray paint - if you want to change your frames.  (I used this one.)

How to:

1.  Open up the back of your frame. 
2. For mine, I needed to use an X-ACTO knife to cut the paper away.
3. Remove the old artwork.  I used my trusty Leatherman to pull out the staples.

Iron your fabric. 
Any wrinkles in the fabric will be exaggerated on the wall. Take your time and get it just right.

Cut your fabric to size.
I laid the frames on the fabric and chose the view that I wanted for each one.
Using my X-ACTO knife I traced around the frame and cut the pieces.

1. Lay your frame face down.  Place the fabric in the frame.  Tuck the old "art" back in behind the fabric. (Or use a piece of foamcore cut to the size of the frame opening.
2. Pull the fabric taut.  Flip it carefully back and forth to make sure it's smooth.
3. When it's just right, staple the old art (or foamcore) to hold it all in place.

Better! But I didn't love the black frames with this soft watercolour fabric.
Luckily it's just staples - so it's easy to change!  

I pulled out the fabric and foamcore and sprayed them with pewter paint.
 I had this paint on hand from the faux rust paint treatment I did last year!  Free!

So much better!  I love the beachy, coastal feel.

The payoff is so great for very little money, not much effort - and no artistic talent!  Hit your neighbourhood fabric store and you could have something lovely for your walls later today.

I've shared other wall art tutorials - you might find inspiration here, too.  They're all incredibly easy!

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